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People who want to have a respectable job must have CAD Civil-6 Months training. DUCAT is the best choice for them to have this training. Computer-Aided Design also identified as Computer-Aided Design and Drafting is the make use of Computer Technology for the procedure of Design and Design-authentication. Computer Aided Drafting describes the procedure of Drafting with a computer. CAD Civil may be used to plan curves and figures in two-dimensional room or curves, platforms, and solids in three-dimensional. CAD is a significant industrialized art widely used in much utilization, including constructional Design, structure Design, inside Design and many more. This CAD Civil-6 Monthscourse at DUCAT is designed to do good to trainee with practical up-to-date information on the function of CAD Civil to the planning and design process. It is appropriate for people who have little or no exposure to CAD Civil, but look forward to become engaged in some or all aspects of CAD Civil setting up. It aims to give practical advice from specialist in the field, to assist trainee to correctly plan, program and install a CAD Civil. The training at DUCAT is given by experts in this field. They themselves make sure that they switch the trainees into experts like them at the end of the teaching.

cad civil autocad 2D

  • autocad interface
  • coordinate system(absolute, regular, relative polar)
  • basic drawing commands(line, construction line,ray,smoothpoly line,circle,rectangle,arc,ellipse,revision cloud,polygon,donut,point)
  • drafting setting
  • basic editing commands(erase,move,copy,trim,extend,mirror,offset,rotate,fillet,chamfer,scaler,stretch,break,join array)
  • inquiry tools(layer,distance, ID,area)
  • layer and object properties
  • create and editing text(single line text, multiline text)
  • working with dimensions
  • hatching(assosiative hatching,non assosiative hatching)
  • Working with blocks(make block,write block)
  • plot a drawing
  • multiline
  • multiline style
  • multilne edit
  • polyline edit
  • revision cloud
  • working with layout
  • dimensioning concept
  • controlling dimensioning style
  • design centre
  • external reference
  • working with group
  • project

autocad 3D

  • introduction to 3d modeling
  • types of 3d model
  • shaded and hidden views
  • creating solid primitives
  • creating models from 2D profiles
  • creating models using sweep
  • creating models using loft
  • creating composite solid
  • working with UCS
  • editing 3d models
  • changing the 3d models position
  • introduction to surface modeling
  • creative surface primitives
  • projects


  • autocad 3dmax-3ds max integration(DWG import,file link manager)
  • camera placement,common parameter and advance effects
  • lighting standard lights,detailed parameters
  • assign material to the objectand assign uvw map,map scalar mapping modifiers
  • creat atmosphere,like volume fog clouds
  • creat a walkthrough by using key framer
  • print size wizard,file output options
  • project


  • introduction to paramatric and building information modaling(BIM)
  • understanding of revit environment
  • starting a design project
  • working with walls, doors..etc.
  • creating working with walls, doors..etc. styles
  • creating a mass elements
  • creating different families
  • drafting and detailing
  • creating drawing sheets
  • rendering the building modal
  • working on a project
  • creating walkthrough
  • project
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