CAD/CAM software packages offer very versatile and generic capabilities that can be reasonably used "out-of-the-box" by most users. However, customization of software functionality can significantly boost productivity of the design office, while improving compliance with company standards and practices. Ducat can expand the capabilities of the "standard" CAD software packages by writing program code, including integrating custom applications with basic package.

Programming in C#

  • Introduction to .Net Architecture
  • Concept of Object Oriented Programming System
  • Understanding the C# IDE
  • Creating a .exe solution
  • Structure of C# program
  • Data Types and VariablesOperators
  • Debugging Techniques
  • Classes and Interface
  • Loops and Condition Statements
  • Functions and Operator Overloading
  • Exception Handling
  • Working with File System Object
  • Working with XML

SolidWorks API Programming

  • Creating a Standalone.EXE projects
  • Connecting and Disconnecting to CAD
  • Methods and Interfaces
  • Types Arguments and Parameters of API Calls
  • Setting up the environment for API Programming
  • First API Program
  • Understanding object Modal
  • Open /Save/Close files
  • Create/Edit/Delete Sketches
  • Create/Edit/Delete Dimensions
  • Sketch Relations ,Mirror and Pattern
  • Create/Edit/Delete Features
  • Working with Configurations
  • Activate Documents
  • Accessing Selection manager
  • Counting Objects Selected
  • Getting selected objects
  • Getting Feature Type Name
  • Accessing Object Definitions
  • Handling Rollback bar in FM Tree
  • Selecting feature by position
  • Selecting feature by name
  • Suppress/ Un-Suppress Features , Components
  • Selection and Traversal Techniques
  • Traversing Feature Manger
  • Traversing Components
  • Face/Edge Traversal
  • Set/Get Face and Edge ID’s
  • Insert/Delete Components
  • Mirror/Pattern Components
  • Explode
  • Working with Deign Tables
  • Custom and File Properties
  • Working with Mates
  • Create/Position/Delete Drawing Views
  • Working with Layers

Advanced Programming with APIs

  • Working DLL Projects – Creating Add-ins
  • Debugging a DLL Program
  • Creating Menus and Toolbars
  • Events and Notifications
  • Creating Property Manager Page
  • Macro Feature
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