The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the quick drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to make new designs and products at home. In this you will learn the importance of IoT in society, the current mechanism of typical IoT devices and trends for the future. IoT design considerations, constraints and interfacing between the physical world and your device will also be covered

Introduction to IOT

  • Application of IOT and example.
  • Introduction to Embedded systems.
  • Wide description about Microcontrollers ICs.
  • Memory organization architecture.
  • Input Output peripherals interfacings.
  • Introduction of Arduino board.
  • Introduction to embedded system
  • Applications of embedded system
  • Need for embedded system
  • Need for controller and compiler
  • Architecture of embedded system
  • Microprocessor controller need difference
  • Types of controller and their features
  • Selection of microcontroller
  • AVR microcontroller ATMEGA168/328/8
  • Pin diagram of ATMEGA 168
  • Introduction to Arduino compiler
  • Working in Arduino compiler
  • Introduction to Arduino boards
  • Arduino board configuration And needs
  • Introduction to boot-loader burning boot-loader
  • Basic practical exposure with interfacing peripherals
  • Interfacing of LEDs and Buzzer.
  • Writing first program in Embedded C.
  • Various motors its need and applications
  • H-Bridge
  • DC Motor
  • L293D
  • Interfacing Relays with Microcontrollers
  • Introduction to Relay Driver IC.

Serial communication

  • UART in microcontrollers.
  • Types of Interfacing- Serial Parallel
  • Comparison between Serial Parallel Interfacing
  • Serial Communication: Introduction
  • Serial terminal control methods and commands
  • Getting input from serial terminal
  • Sending data to input terminal
  • Understanding compatibility
  • Serial Standard of computer RS232
  • Using MAX232 IC
  • Configuring Second serial communication in Arduino
  • Analog interfacing
  • Concept of ADC
  • Programming analog sensor
  • Introduction to IR sensor
  • IR sensor interface
  • Introduction of temperature sensor LM35
  • Introduction To GSM
  • Introduction to SIM300/900 module
  • Introduction to TCP/IP
  • Introduction to GPRS
  • Introduction of IOT cloud server
  • How to operate virtual server
  • Introduction To Wi-Fi Module
  • Introduction to ESP8266 module
  • Introduction to UDP

Project to be covered

  • Practical 1:Blinking of LED
  • Practical 2:Burning the program on Hardware with some different LED patterns
  • Practical 3:Turn ON/Off AC appliances with MCU at some delay.
  • Practical 4:Transfer data on led using PC.
  • Practical 5: Interfacing Bluetooth with Arduino
  • Practical 6: Bluetooth control Home automation
  • Practical 7:Display sensor data on HyperTerminal
  • Practical 8: Temperature control appliances
  • Practical 9: How to configure AT Commands
  • Practical 10: How to send message/call.
  • Practical 11: GSM Control Home /office Automation.
  • Practical 12: Automatic Updates/uploads of sensor value on IP/web.
  • Practical 13:Real Time monitoring of sensors on a particular IP Address/server