DUCAT is the most perfect place where anyone applicant to learn REVIT Architecture can be at. Our session offers the intricate insight in such a technique that anyone can learn in-and-out of the program and helps one to be a specialist. Autodesk Revit Architecture often indicated to as simply Revit is a Building Information Modeling software developed by Autodesk. It grants the user to blueprint with both parametric 3D modeling and 2D created elements. Construction Information Modeling is a Computer Aided Design archetype that applies intelligent 3D objects to symbolize real material building works such as walls and doors. This is occasionally called 4D CAD where time is the fourth dimension. We at DUCAT conveysupervision in such a technique that it is a step by step advance to REVIT Architecture. The education is planned by many directives, example of tasks that can be done through REVIT Architecture and some developed workout which will help to evaluationof your level of insight. DUCAT teaching members are a batch of enormously educated professionals who have vast expertise and exposure. They distribute their knowledge to make you also aspecialist in that field. So after the training you also have the same level of knowledge and can converse that in your own business or at your work place. The teaching makes you the first selection for employers. The supervision imparted not only makes them competent of taking appropriate carrier decision but also makes them more suitable to run their personal business more suitably


Building Information Modeling 2 Hrs

  • Building Information Modeling for Architectural Design

Revit Architecture Basics 6 Hrs

  • Exploring the User Interface
  • Working with Revit Elements and Families
  • Starting a Project
  • Importing CAD Data
  • Fundamental of Massing Studies
  • Creating / Modifying Topographic surface

Basics of the Building Model 6 Hrs

  • Creating and Modifying Levels
  • Creating and Modifying Grids
  • Adding Columns
  • Creating a Basic Floor Plan
  • Adding and Modifying Walls
  • Working with Compound Walls
  • Using Editing Tools
  • Adding and Modifying Doors
  • Adding and Modifying Windows

Viewing the Building Model 4 Hrs

  • Managing Views
  • Controlling Object Visibility
  • Working with Section and Elevation Views
  • Creating and Modifying 3D Views

Using Dimensions and Constraints 2 Hrs

  • Working with Dimensions
  • Applying and Removing Constraints

Developing the Building Model 4 Hrs

  • Creating and Modifying Floors
  • Working with Ceilings
  • Creating Openings
  • Adding and Modifying Roofs
  • Creating / Editing Curtain Walls
  • Adding Stairs, Railings and Ramps

Working with Families 4 Hrs

  • Understanding Family Editor
  • Creating / Editing Family Component
  • Working with Component Families

Detailing Your Design 4 Hrs

  • Creating Callout Views
  • Working with Text and Tags
  • Working with Detail Views
  • Working with Drafting Views

Documenting / Annotating Your Design 2 Hrs

  • Creating and Modifying Schedules
  • Creating Rooms / Area Tags and Schedules
  • Creating Legends and Keynotes

Presenting the Building Model 5 Hrs

  • Working with Drawing Sheets
  • Working with Title blocks
  • Managing Revisions
  • Creating Renderings
  • Using Walkthroughs
  • Using Sun and Shadow Settings
  • Creating DWF files

Autodesk Revit Architecture Advanced

Importing and Exporting Files 2 Hrs

  • Importing and Using External Files
  • Exporting to External Files

Linking Files 2 Hrs

  • Working with Revit Architecture Linked Files
  • Monitor and Coordinate Linked Projects

Conceptual Design 4 Hrs

  • Working with Mass Shapes Converting Mass
  • Shapes to Building Components

Creating Advanced Components 4 Hrs

  • Creating and Using In-Place Families
  • Creating and Modifying Parametric Families
  • Creating Nested Families
  • Working with Component Groups

Design and Analysis 2 Hrs

  • Designing in Phases
  • Using Design Options
  • Checking and Fixing Interference Conditions

Revit Architecture Work-sharing 2 Hrs

  • Managing Project Sharing with Work sets
  • Managing Work sets and Multiple Users

Advanced Rendering 5 Hrs

  • Creating Realistic Presentations
  • Creating Rendered Interior Scenes


  • Project of Residential & Commercial Building with Interior & Exterior Views, Render Images & Walkthrough.
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