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Android is an open-source platform that is Linux based software. It is popularly known as a mobile operating application and spread on various platforms such as tablets, television, mobiles and others. It is a rich application platform where they allow the user to build an innovative platform through various apps and many other devices. It is an object-oriented platform that has a compilation of virtual machines. Android is a platform that uses Java language which is easy to read and write the language and give a better experience to the users.

It is the technology that brings the change in the society which give user experience to the users. It has basic usage in touch screen gadgets. Where it is one of the demanded technologies of today's world where various students want to learn the android course and easily build it as a successful career option. It is one of the most used technologies where various mobile phones and many other gadgets are always in demand. It is an open platform that has been adapted by various platforms and brings new innovation to the market.

History Of Android

Android is software which was established by Andy Rubin, Rich Miner, Nick Sears in California in 2003 October. But later it was acquired by Google in 2015 August. It is easily credited in the unveiling events which has basic usage in mobile phones. It helps in combining OS and effective traits to build a complete phone. There are many versions of Android that have been launched each year for better updates.

Importance Of Android

Multi-Language: Android offers multiple languages where they can choose according to their preference. It easily supports various languages on a single platform. It gives language choice for the consumers.

Screen Capture: It has a feature where they easily capture the screen through screenshots. The screenshot is easily taken by pressing the power and home screen button at the same time. It is a feature in an Android phone to capture the screen.

High Visibility: It offers high visibility where you can easel;y reach a large target audience with a click on a mobile phone. It is easy to create your app where the customer has high visibility through your app.

Opportunities For Innovation: Android is a platform where they have been trending ideas with its unique technique. It gives proper needs of the devices and technologies to interact teh business change. It offers various innovations according to your preference of the clients.

Open Source & Affordable: Android is an open-source and affordable platform for every user where it reduces the cost of the software through licensing techniques. It is easily designed to integrate multimedia tools with data management functioning. It has cost-effective and easy to earn quick profits.

Direct Marketing Channel: It is a direct method for the agency where they can create various channels through various techniques. It easily allows the user to download the various apps on the phone. It has easy marketing techniques and each reaches the users with pricing, booking forms, general information, a news feed, and many other promotions.

Career Scope Of Android

Learning android app development courses offer better career opportunities for the students where they build a successful career in this field. While android is the technology that is known to be the heartbeat of mobile phones where they can’t work without them. There are millions of users around the globe using android so it clearly reflects that there is an immense requirement of android certified professionals which give tremendous growth in the field with many opportunities. After the android course, students get various job options in many top companies with high salary packages.

While software profession is most trending in today’s world where Android offers many opportunities with special attention. In demand of android developer certification with creative and imaginative minds and get best opportunity for future. There are many top companies that require skilled professionals and best career growth. While students get job options in different fields such as software engineer, android application developer, windows mobile app developer, and many others.

Who Is Eligible For Android Course?

Android development courses are offered for undergraduates, graduates, working people or freelancers. Android is computer hardware and software application software that is an effective platform. Where they help in becoming expert android professionals and meet the industry norms and achieve high success in the career. The course is basically chosen by the programmers, developers, engineers and many others who want to become experts in this field with better career equipped possibilities and better remuneration offered to the students during the tenure of their working.

Reasons To Choose Ducat For Android Learning

  • Ducat has the best Android course offered where it covers the entire course modules during the classes.
  • Where students easily avail placement assistance by our requirement team and you get the opportunity to work with top companies.
  • Android app development courses for beginners offer online and offline classes according to the preference of the students with weekdays and weekend facilities.
  • Our team of trainers and industry experts with years of experience.
  • Faculty helps the students in live project sessions with proper theoretical knowledge. It also provides assistance for interviews.
  • Well equipped IT labs with the proper facility of wifi.
  • Round the clock facility for the students where they can easily use according to their convenience.
  • With proper technical training, we offer preparation for the job interview so students can perform and succeed in future.
  • Our certificate is globally recognised and you can get a job all across the world.
  • We offer easy retakes of the classes without any charges.
  • Students get easy assistance from our expert counsellors through easy admission procedures.
  • We give proper deep knowledge so that our students get placed at top IT firms such as HCL, Infosys, TCS, Accenture, and many more.
  • We easily accept all sorts of payments such as visa, MasterCard, UPI payments, cash and cheque.
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