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Are you Looking Best Institute for AutoCAD Training Course in Noida? DUCAT provides AutoCAD training classes with live projects by professional trainers in Noida. Our AutoCAD training program in Noida is mainly created for Under-Graduates (UG), Graduates, working experts, and freelancers. We support end-to-end learning on AutoCAD Domain with deep dives for making a winning profession for each profile.

What is AutoCAD?

AutoCAD represents Automatic Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and drafting programming devices. It is generally used across various businesses by draftsmen, engineers, project directors, and a few different experts.

AutoCAD is a known term with regard to 3D and 2D CAD plans. AutoCAD programming is a device that supports the phase of designing and communicating the outcome with others. In this age, most architecture that are constructed depends on CAD design.

Most people associate AutoCAD with architectural house design; however, several multiple industries use AutoCAD. For instance, many: geological, mechanical, electronic, AEC, media, electrical, AEC, designing, town arranging, and even article of clothing organizations' utilization AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2021 develops into specialized devices and enhanced structure. It contains new characteristics including Block Palette, etc. that are approachable across systems, networking, and phone.

AutoCAD Certification Course

History of AutoCAD

The Interact computer-aided design was the first code that started in 1977 and launched in 1979. AutoCAD was obtained from the Interact CAD program, which is otherwise called MicroCAD in starting Autodesk documents. It was composed before Autodesk development.

The co-founder of Autodesk was Michael Riddle.

The first interpretation of AutoCAD by Autodesk was illustrated in 1982 and launched in December, in a similar year. It also provided CP/M-80 systems. In the year 1986, in March, AutoCAD develop into the most efficient CAD program worldwide.

The 2020 interpretation was pronounced as the 34th interpretation launched by AutoCAD for frameworks. The 2019 form was respected as the 9th successive variant for the MAC. The standard extension for the document structure in AutoCAD is .dwg.

The DXF file design has developed into the true norm for 2D drawing trade and CAD information interoperability.

AutoCAD 2021 is a complete feature with new highlights worked for the manner in which you work and robotization to support your efficiency all the while. A membership to AutoCAD including particular toolsets gives you admittance to seven industry-explicit toolsets, for example, Architecture and Electrical, which can robotize errands and save you hours, even days, of important time. Look at our profitability studies to find out additional.

Features of AutoCAD

There are various features and some advanced features of AutoCAD, which are as follows:

  • 1.AutoCAD is a global function. It can be used world-wide by product development groups, production support, healing experts, in training institutions, by professionals, and developers.
  • 2.AutoCAD supports the user in developing, changing, and designing advanced infrastructure, transferring scalable and possible constructing assignments, supervising production finances, and predicting project outcomes.
  • 3. AutoCAD drawings can also be connected directly to Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets. Therefore this method, formulas, and data from Excel can be exotic precisely to AutoCAD. This characteristic is an Auto-Update command.
  • 4. New Dark theme: It decreases eye strain because of the constraints advancement. It has a current blue framework with a sharper display. The framework in the dark idea is relatively elegant and pleasant.
  • 5. Blocks Palettes: We can add blocks effectively from the record with visual galleries. We can insert block form the recent, current, and other drawing tabs. We can add the structure by drag and drop techniques from the block palette in our design.
  • 6. Cloud storage connectivity: We can approach any DWG document in AutoCAD with Autodesk cloud and generating cloud store house supporters.
  • 7. Improved DWG: We can analyze two interpretations of the design without leaving our latest window. The modifies can be reached in actual time. When we develop modified in the present drawing, the differences are designed in the actual time.
  • 8. Purge Redesign: It can delete unnecessary objects with clean selection and object viewing.

Versions of AutoCAD

There are the various versions of AutoCAD are recorded in the following table:

  • AutoCAD 1.0: The release date of AutoCAD was December 1982. It was the first original launch of AutoCAD. It was established at the Comdex (computer expo trade show).
  • AutoCAD 1.2: The release date of AutoCAD was April 1983. It was launched after the first original version. The file format DWG R1.2 was learned.
  • AutoCAD 2.1: The release date of AutoCAD was May 1985. Some of the features were added, such as LIMITS, FILLET extended, 3D Visualization, polylines, layer, freeze command, holding values, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2.5: The release date of AutoCAD was June 1986.
  • AutoCAD 2.6: The release date of AutoCAD was April 1987. Some of the characteristics were added, including 3D line and 3D face entities.
  • AutoCAD R9: The release date of AutoCAD was September 1987. The R in these versions stands for Release.
  • AutoCAD R10: The release date of AutoCAD was October 1988. The added features include several line types, PURGE command, and viewports command.
  • AutoCAD R13: The release date of AutoCAD was November 1994. It includes the enhancement of all the commands.
  • AutoCAD 2000: The release date of AutoCAD was March 1999. The introduction of various platforms, such as floating toolbars, screen layout, drawing preview, spelling checker, dimensioning styles, and families.
  • AutoCAD 2002: The release date of AutoCAD was June 2000. This version offers the power of collaborative designs.
  • AutoCAD 2004: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2003. It contains a new Express device, a new device palette, sharing of documents with Ease, and better efficiency.
  • AutoCAD 2006: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2005. This version introduces drafting and documentation tools, such as hatch, block, multiline text, dimensioning, streamline, tool palettes, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2008: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2007. It contains increased tables, annotation scaling, text, key, and leader improvement.
  • AutoCAD 2009: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2008. The added characteristics contain a client interface, navigation bar, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2010: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2009. The added features include 3D printing, free-form design, parametric drawing, and pdf enhancements.
  • AutoCAD 2012: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2011. The features contain online storage, new arrays, multifunctional grips, content explorer, Pickauto setting, better picture mode, removing of duplicate objects, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2014: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2013. It includes command-line improvements, Xref upgrades, natural sort, file tabs, and Merge selected layers.
  • AutoCAD 2015: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2014.
  • AutoCAD 2016: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2015. The additional features of the 2016 version are Mtext enhancements, smart dimensioning, easy editing revision clouds, status bar wrap, variable monitor, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2017: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2016. The features included are Autodesk app, sharing drawings, centerlines, center marks, making 3D print files, migrate custom settings, and enhanced graphics.
  • AutoCAD 2018: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2017. The additional characteristics are client interface, PDF Import, object selection, high-resolution auditor, share designs, external document references, etc.
  • AutoCAD 2020: The release date of AutoCAD was March 2020. The features contains are block palettes, enhanced DWG, design annotation, fast measurements, cloud storehouse connectivity, etc.

Why to Learn AutoCAD Training Course?

DUCAT is the biggest AutoCAD Training Institute in Noida with high tech infrastructure and lab support and the option of opting for several courses in the Noida area. DUCAT institute prepares thousands of aspirants for AutoCAD at reasonable charges that are customized, keeping in mind the training and course content needed by each trainee.

DUCAT Noida is the Best AutoCAD training institute in Noida with 100% placement support. DUCAT has well-defined course modules and training sessions for candidates. AutoCAD Training is conducted during day time classes, weekend classes, and evening batch classes, and fast-track training classes.

Benefits Of Learning AutoCAD

These days many students are keen to learn AutoCAD courses where they get various benefits which are beneficial according to their career prospectus. Here we have discussed a few benefits of learning the AutoCAD area s follows:

Understanding The Interface Of Design Tools: It is a technical field where CAD software applications instill knowledge of life. It is a premier software used for designing 2D/ 3D modeling through CAD software where applications are molded with the interface. It has an interface which will give some insight into using the application. Where it entitles the proper designing of the software with various tools. It helps to acquire a craft which helps you in the future and knowledge with better technology.

Boost Your Portfolio: In today's competitive world students come with new talent and come with new talent where they have numerous job options on the platform. You will need to distinguish yourself and get ahead in the competition and boost your career. In the field of architecture, engineering, construction, and project management you need to know the computer-aided design platform and build a portfolio while going for a job and give you an edge.

Reduce Errors And Boost Accuracy: AutoCAD is software which is used to build the principle of the dynamic engineering model. It helps in blending design and production which offer gist to the proper project. It is a tool which makes things accurate when it helps to reduce errors in the project and provides all the room for improvement in the design.

Easy To Import And Export Files: It is a software which easily supports the file to export and import features. It has some tools and features which help in increasing the productivity of the program. It has various dynamics where you can easily manipulate and help the designers develop 2D/ 3D frameworks.

Save Time And Money: It is an interface programming language which is user-friendly and it has a reason to support all the tools which are required for designing. It has work efficiency which can be increased by reducing the cost of the project. It is a platform which saves money. It is the most appropriate platform which also helps to reduce time and design.

Career Scope After Learning AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a recognized industry software where you can easily plan, draw, edit, and design. It is one of the booming career options where you have a variety of career options after completion of AutoCAD courses. It offers different career option which has been discussed below:

Mechanical Engineer: Where they know the degree of mechanical engineering where they work across jobs like entry-level to senior-level positions. It works with machinery where they improve or reconfigure existing components and create the manufacturing process. They specialize in designing and producing systems which have object motion through air conditioning, gas turbines, generators, and other types of machinery.

Civil Engineer: It is used to design, build, manage, supervise and maintain the infrastructure which is used to design many platforms. It is essential software which is required to plan and design structures, create a base map, analyze the strength of infrastructure where they create base maps, and work with detailed elements.

Electrical Engineer: It is a field which involves the designing, development, manufacturing, and testing of electrical equipment. It is software which is used to modify electrical and electronic diagrams, schematics, control suit diagrams, and documentation. It is used in an extended platform and makes the task easy and preferred above-hand drawing.

Fashion Designer: It helps to create different variations where a single design quickly and precisely applies to work with different cloth materials and patterns. It allows us to explore different colourways and make things easier. It gives the proper design with accurate design and has less chance of errors.

Interior Designer: It skills bolster the professional portfolio through an interior designer, where software is popular where they give elevation views, floor planning, plotting, dimensioning, and visualising. Where they give 2D/ 3D effects to design and it is easy for clients, architects, constructors and to get a proper idea of the area with proper design.

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AutoCAD Course Duration

Ducat, a renowned institute, offers a course for 3- 6 months. If you have the desire to become a professional you can join the course where they give deep knowledge in theoretical and practical experience to the students and make them experts.

Why To Choose DUCAT For AutoCAD Training in Noida?

  • We Offer the Best AutoCAD Training in Noida by industry experts.
  • Regular as well as weekend classes are provided.
  • We have Expert Trainers with years of Industry Experience.
  • Trainers of Ducat help every student in live project training.
  • We also offer 100% Placement Assistance.
  • We also offer Internships in every field.
  • Students can come anytime and can access the labs.
  • We also prepare our students for interviews and provide every tool to get a job.
  • Discussion Zones are also available.
  • 24x7 internet facility.
  • Students will be working on live projects.
  • Ducat Noida provides a well-Recognized Course Completion Certificate with a project letter.
  • Students can retake the class with zero charges.
  • It helps students to take knowledge of complex technical concepts.
  • We accept UPI, Cheque, Cash, Paytm, Credit Card, Debit card and Net Banking.

How does Ducat Provide Placement Assistance?

  • Ducat is the best institute for AutoCAD Certification Training in Noida in providing placement assistance to every student.
  • We also teach students how to build their Resumes.
  • Our Placement cell helps every student to get a job in MNCs like Tech Mahindra, Wipro, TCS, Accenture, etc.
  • Internships are also available in Ducat.

AutoCAD Interview Questions and Answers (Update 2022)

1: What is the essence of AutoCAD?

Ans: The essence of AutoCAD has been discussed below: Simply defined this is a specialized software package that is an essential Design Tool to build dimensional images in two dimensions or three dimensions. Secondly, it was developed by the company AutoDesk in 1982 and it has provided designers and engineers with the most technically accurate software to conceptualize ideas and drawings.

Thirdly, AutoCAD software is used to complete a design automatically using a source model. This is one of the most important application-based uses of AutoCAD.

2: Which are the main areas of the screen used in AutoCAD?

Ans: The most frequently used main areas are: the ribbon, command prompt, status bar, toolbars, and drawing window.

3: What is the process to remove an Empty layer in AutoCAD?

Ans: It is not possible to delete any layer in AutoCAD if it contains any objects. Else all the objects have to be first removed to delete the layer. Alternatively, freeze the layers for a particular viewpoint or when the user has deleted the empty layer and this can be checked in the dxf file.

4: Which steps would you follow before setting up a drawing in AutoCAD?

Ans: To set up a drawing in AutoCAD, these are the steps that are required:

  • Determine which units they will use
  • Set the drawing limits
  • Set the right snap type
  • Determine which increment to use
  • Set the correct grid value

5: How would you create a user interface using AutoCAD?

Ans: Command prompts can simplify drawing plots and facilitate creating a user interface in AutoCAD.Candidates may respond by explaining that they would first use the plot command and external database commands to view dialogue boxes. They may then explain that they would run the dialogue boxes and edit and customize their file after displaying it with a command line.

6: What is the magnetic feature in the AutoCAD package?

Ans: This feature is to hold the object's feature and can include both a center and an endpoint.

7: What are the tools of AutoCAD?

Ans: Commonly used tools in AutoCAD are Line, Circle, Rectangle, Polyline, Trim, Extend, Copy, and Mirror.

8: How can we make a spring, spiral, or screw thread?

Ans: To make a spiral or turn thread use an Auto LISP custom such as spiral.1sp, it will generate a twisting path according to your requirements. Then you can employ EXTRUDE authority with an orientation object, using the spiral as the trail. Also, there is one way you can do this by using Mechanical Desktop or Auto surf by using increased lines as the path.

9: Tell me the steps that enable the drag and drop feature in AutoCAD?

Ans: AutoCAD provides a method to haul and drop the elements by the employ of “NOUN” and “VERB” in a dialogue box. It permits the object to shift from one place to another. Likewise, eliminating or editing purposes can be done by using “MOVE and ERASE”.

10: What are the fields where you see maximum use of AutoCAD?

Ans: AutoCAD is more well-liked among architects, engineers, and builders for mounting their structure layouts.



Introduction to AutoCAD

  • AutoCAD Interface
  • Co-Ordinate System

Basic Drawing Commands

  • (Line,Circle,Rectangle,Polygon,Ellipse,Arc,Point,Multiple Point,Construction Line,Ray,Revission Cloud,Polyline,Spline)
  • Drafting Settings
  • Selection Methods

Basic Editing Commands

  • (Erase,Copy,Mirror,Offset,Move,Rotate,Scale,Stretch, Trim,Extend,Break,Break at Point,Join,Fillet,Chamfer )

Fastening Operation Commands

  • (Array,Lengthen,Solid,Fill,Donut,Multiline,Polyline Edit)
  • Isometric View
  • Units
  • Drawing Limits
  • Layer & Object Properties
  • Creating & Editing Text
  • Creating & Editing Dimensions
  • Working With Blocks
  • Types of Table
  • Different Types of Style ( Text,Dimension,Table,
  • Multi Leader,Multiline,Point,Plot)
  • Properties
  • Hatching
  • Attribute
  • Design Centre
  • Inquiry Tools
  • Quick Calculator & Calculator
  • External Reference
  • Group
  • Filter
  • Hyperlink
  • OLE Object
  • Working With Layouts
  • Steering Wheels
  • Action Recorder
  • Multiple Views & Viewports
  • Plotting a Drawing


Introduction to 3D Modeling

  • Types of 3D Models
  • Visual Style
  • Creating Solid Primitives
  • Models from 2D Profiles
  • Extrude, Sweep, Revolve, Loft
  • Boolean Operation
  • Creating Composite Solid
  • Working with UCS
  • Solideditting
  • Materials
  • Changing the 3D Model Position
  • Introduction to Surface Modeling
  • Creating Surface Primitives
  • Project

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Q: What is AutoCAD?

A: AutoCAD represents Automatic Computer-Aided Design (CAD) and drafting programming devices. It is generally used across various businesses by draftsmen, engineers, project directors, and a few different experts. It is a 3D and 2D CAD plan. AutoCAD programming is a device that supports the phase of designing and communicating the outcome with others.

Q: Is the AutoCAD Course difficult to learn?

A: AutoCAD is not difficult to learn while it is a design course which can be learned by beginners.

Q: What is the future scope of AutoCAD?

A: AutoCAD has a great future ahead due to the plethora of features in offers and the upcoming updates that Autodesk provides empowering the software. Currently, AutoCAD is one of the major drawing and drafting tools used worldwide.

Q: Where can I learn the AutoCAD course with Certification?

A: To learn the AutoCAD Course and certification you easily enroll yourself at Ducat one of the leading IT training institutes in Noida which offers the finest quality of education for 20+ years.

Q: How do I become an AutoCAD expert?

A: To become an AutoCAD expert you need to enroll yourself at Ducat where you get proper guidance with step-by-step procedures from our faculty to become experts.

Q: Which institute is best for AutoCAD Training in Noida?

A: Ducat is the best AutoCAD Training Institute in Noida where several students appear each year to get admission.

Q: Do you also provide practical knowledge on Live projects?

A: Yes, we provide practical knowledge and live projects offered to the students with better practical understanding.

Q: Why should I choose Ducat for AutoCAD training?

A: Ducat is the top choice of students where they offer quality education under the guidance of experienced faculty members with live session training offered to the students. Students get a lab facility with a proper Wi-Fi facility for the students and help in shaping their careers.

Q: Can we join Doubt Sessions?

A: Yes, we offer a demo session to the students before joining the course.

Q: Does Ducat provide job assistance?

A: Yes, Ducat provides placement assistance to every student.

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