Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is one of the central technologies changing the face of work – for the better. RPA takes on the burden of manual, repetitive tasks, releasing individuals to realize their potential.

But it doesn’t happen by itself. The new digital workforce powered by bots needs humans – people who know how to design, build, manage, and analyze bots and their work and how RPA fits into broader business strategies and execution. Being AN RPA leader takes ability, each technical and strategic. That data is currently a lot of offered more than ever before through world wide training programs and courses.

Ducat offers courses and certifications in RPA and teaches how to apply this technology in the real world of work. With a mission to expand the reach and accessibility of RPA knowledge and training to everyone, everywhere,

Ducat delivers training in classrooms. Ducat provides Best Automation Anywhere Training in Noida based on industry standards that helps attendees to secure placements in their dream jobs at MNCs.

Ducat Provides the Best Automation Anywhere Training in Delhi NCR. Ducat is one of the most credible Automation Anywhere Training institutes in Noida offering hands on practical knowledge and full job assistance with basic as well as advanced level Automation Anywhere Training courses.

Introduction & Understanding of RPA

  • What is RPA
  • Pre-requisites of RPA
  • Best use of RPA Process
  • RPA Planning
  • Life Cycle of RPA
  • Timeframe of RPA Process
  • Identification of RPA Areas
  • Concept of ROI (Return on Investment)
  • Attended and Unattended RPA


  • About the Course
  • About Me
  • Why Automation Anywhere?
  • Who can use the "trial" version of Automation Anywhere
  • End to End demo: Build a simple Software Robot
  • Installation & Set up Process for Automation Anywhere


  • Overview
  • Create new Projects
  • Open & copy existing projects
  • Project & tool windows tour

Automation Anywhere Control Room

  • Control Room Dashboard
  • User Management
  • Scheduling Bots in Control Room
  • Credential Management
  • License Management
  • Disaster Management in Automation Anywhere
  • Operation Management
  • Audit Trial
  • Control Room settings

Workflow for RPA Process

  • Creation of workflow
  • Execution of workflow
  • Validation of workflow

Basic Automation Anywhere skills

  • Overview
  • Creation & Usage of user defined variables
  • Usage of system defined variables


  • Run in debug mode
  • Set a break point and debug line by line

Handling Error

  • Try/Catch into - Catch an exception
  • Create & throw a new exception
  • Log Exception
  • Send Email
  • Assign Activity
  • Run task activity
  • Error snapshot

Automation Anywhere Client Commands

  • Usage of Repository
  • Report Generation of bots
  • Scheduler Manager in AA Client
  • Trigger Manager in AA Client
  • Hot Keys in AA Client
  • Notification and Speed of Task Bots
  • Database command
  • Logs Handling in Bots
  • Email Automation Process
  • File & Folder Automation
  • Image Recognition Command
  • Web Recorder Command
  • Object Cloning
  • Clipboard
  • PGP activity command
  • CSV/text file command
  • If/else command
  • Prompt command
  • Windows activity command
  • MS - Excel Automation Commands
  • Static and Dynamic Delays in Automation Anywhere
  • Loop Implementation in Automation Process For
  • Excel Dataset
  • Internet Explorer Table
  • SQL Query Dataset
  • XML Dataset
  • CSV File Dataset
  • Variable Operation Commands
  • String Operation Commands
  • Execution of Sub Task in Main Bots
  • Screen & Visualize Capture Command
  • Automation of Web Services & Rest Web Service
  • Mouse and Keyboard action automation
  • User Input Automation Command
  • XML Automation Process
  • Debugging of Task Bots
  • Security Implementation through Automation Process
  • PDF Automation Process
  • Automation of Windows Controls
  • Terminal Emulator


  • Creation of metabots
  • Consumption of metaBots
  • Variable declaration in metabots
  • Calibration
  • Creation of Asset
  • Creation of Logic
  • Import Dataset


  • Process Definition Document(PDD)
  • Solution Design Document(SDD)
  • Technical Design Document(TDD)
  • As- Is and To-be process flow
  • BOT management diagram

Case Study

  • Case Study 1(Bloomberg)
  • Case Study 2(Excel activity)
  • Case Study 3(PDF customer - vendor domain)

Live Project Overview

  • At least 1 Project