Ducat is one of the best training institute in Delhi Ncr for Tally ERP 9 with GST. We not only provide training on Tally ERP 9, we also provide practical training on Goods & Services Tax (GST), All Income Tax Returns (ITR 1 to ITR 7), Tax Audit, MIS Reporting, TDS Returns, Firm Registrations, ROC Returns, Balance Sheet Finalization, Adv MS Excel by Experienced Chartered Accountants & Industry Experts.


  • Revision of Basic Accounting Concepts and Rules of Accounting
  • Practice of Journal Entry by an example
  • Start Tally
  • Company Info Menu
  • How to select company?
  • How to Shut Company ?
  • How to Create Company?
  • How to alter company and its details?
  • How to give Tally password and alter it.
  • Types of Voucher Entry in Tally and Its Function keys
  • Use of Masters-How to Create Ledgers ?
  • Groups of ledgers
  • Account info- How to enter Voucher entries


  • Accounting Voucher - Purchase voucher entry , Receipt voucher entry, Journal voucher entry Contra voucher entry, Sale Voucher entry, Payment Voucher entry
  • Display of Reports –
    • Accounting reports-
    • Trial Balance
    • Profit & Loss
    • Balance Sheet
    • Day book
  • How to activate Functions in accounts info Menu ?
  • How to Create Group Company ?
  • How to apply Security Control ?
  • How to Split company data ?
  • How to take Backup ?
  • How to restore Backup ?
  • How to use Tally Audit Feature?


  • Create Masters for Inventory to keep stock details
  • How to set up stock Groups ?
  • How to create Stock Items ?
  • How to create Units of measurement ?
  • Types of Inventory Entry- Invoice and voucher
  • Create Purchase and Sale entry with Inventory details
  • Inventory Reports-
    • Stock Summary
    • Sales Register
    • Purchase Register
    • Stock query report

Day 4

  • F-11 Features
  • How to use Accounting features
  • How to use Inventory features
  • Start with Inventory features first-
    • Stock category-Category wise report
    • Use of multiple godowns
    • Stock transfer entry between godowns
    • Physical stock entry
    • Separate Actual and Billed quantity
    • Allow zero valued entry


  • Integrate Accounts and Inventory
  • Batch-wise Details
  • Manufacturing and expiry date
  • Aging analysis Report to see expired batch
  • Types of Discount- Trade and Cash


  • Debit note voucher entry
  • Credit note voucher entry
  • Order Voucher- Purchase order entry and Sales order entry
  • Sale/Purchase order outstanding
  • Reorder Status
  • Invoice


  • Purchase Management-
  • Track Additional Cost of Purchase
  • Movement Analysis Report
  • Sales Management-
  • Multiple price level


  • Use of Tracking Number
  • Receipt note entry
  • Delivery note entry
  • Rejection out entry
  • Rejection in entry
  • Purchase / Sales Bill pending


  • Manufacturing Journal entry
  • BOM- Bill of Material
  • POS- Point of Sale entry


  • Accounting Features
  • Outstanding Management
  • Bill wise details- use of Invoice number
  • Bills Receivable and Payable Report
  • How to set credit limits
  • Interest calculation


  • Use of Multiple currency
  • Forex Gain/loss Adjustment
  • How to create cost categories & Cost centres


  • How to configure check printing
  • How to do Bank reconciliation
  • Maintain Budget and controls


  • Maintain reversing journal and optional vouchers
  • Memorandum and postdated vouchers
  • Maintain multiple mailing details and company logo etc.


  • How to Enabling payroll in Tally
  • How to generate pay slip
  • How to create Payroll Masters
  • How to Pass Payroll Voucher Entry
  • How to view Statements of Payroll
  • How to view Attendance Reports
  • How to view Payroll Statutory Reports
  • Payroll Statutory Computation


  • Employees Provident Fund(EPF)
  • Reports Employee State Insurance(ESI)
  • Overtime
  • Gratuity
  • Reimbursement to employees
  • Loan and advance etc.
  • Payroll Reports- Pay Slips, Salary Register ,PF Challan, ESI Challan etc.


  • F12- Configuration Menu
  • How to fill up country detail
  • How to change styles of dates
  • How to use other options
  • How to set financial Year
  • How to use general configuration and Numeric symbols
  • Printing configuration
  • Email configuration
  • Data configuration
  • How to copy or paste Tally file


  • F11-Taxation features
  • What is TDS?
  • How to prepare and issue of TDS certificate
  • How to do filling E-TDS return
  • What is nature of TDS related payments?
  • Deductee Types
  • How to create TDS masters
  • How to Pass TDS voucher entries and Transactions
  • How to do pass TDS on expenses (General entries)
  • How to do accounting multiple expenses & deducting letter
  • How to do TDS on advance payments
  • How to do adjusting advances against the bill
  • How to do changes in TDS percentage computation
  • TDS Challan Reconciliation
  • TDS outstanding
  • Form 26, Annexure to 26 ,Form 27


  • What is GST
  • How to register for GST
  • When to pay Tax
  • ITC
  • E-way bill
  • Who needs to File GST Return ?


  • GST Account Creation
  • Voucher Entry of GST with different rates
  • HSN Code classifications
  • GST Tax Classification
  • Various classifications of Goods & services
  • Payments of GST
  • Filling of Challan GST
  • GST Return Like GST R1 , GST R2 , GST R3


  • What is TCS
  • Form 27EQ
  • TCS outstanding
  • Challan reconciliation
  • Excise


  • Utilities
  • Import of data
  • Banking
  • Side buttons when see reports
  • Revision of all syllabus
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