Spark and Hadoop Collaboration in Today’s Data Era

Big data allows you to make real time personalization by making it possible for you to track the behavior of individual customers from the Internet clicks they make. Based on their websites surfing...

Base SAS

Base SAS software, as the name suggests is a base of all SAS software because it enables you to work on other SAS products on applying the same basic rules. 

Hadoop in Big Data Universe

Big Data has become a new buzz word today. Businesses are actively using real time data of millions ofconsumers to get actionable insightsinto customer’s behavior to provide them the personal...

OpenCV using Python in Machine Learning

OpenCV-Python is a library set of Python bindings optimized to address computer vision needs. Leveraging the best features of the OpenCV, C++ API, and the Python language it serves as the Python AP...

Macros – SAS

Macros in SAS are a powerful way to automate the tasks that you need to perform every day. They make your tasks easier by allowing you to reuse your code multiple times after defining it once. Macr...

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