Current Scenarios in Python

Python has evolved as one of the popular and widely used programming languages. This article discusses the latest trends in Python and how the developer community leverages the capabilities of Python to address growing needs and problems. Python communities and developer groups across the globe are working together in implementing Python in new age technologies. At the time of writing this article, as per, Python 3.6.3 is the latest release available for download. Python 2.7.14 is the latest available version for the 2.x users.

Learning and Usage Trends

According to Stack Overflow, Python became the most visited tag on Stack Overflow in June 2017 and is on track to become the most visited tag in 2018. The growth rate of Python as a programming language is also notable among other growing languages such as R, Swift, and TypeScript. Its simplicity and versatility attract beginners and students to get started with programming. As per the PyCharm survey, developers widely use Python in Web development (38%), general-purpose development (22%), and scientific development and data analysis (21%). Python frameworks such as Django and IPython and software packages such as anaconda, numpy, and, matplotlib are popular among Python developers. The Stackify survey results portray that Python is the programming language with the highest growth over the last five years (7.6 percent).

Technology Trends

Python is used in advanced technologies and architectural approaches. Some of the technologies that use Python extensively for research and development and enterprise production environments are:

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning: The versatility of Python and availability of supporting libraries for machine learning and deep learning enables programmers to develop solutions in these domains.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Python provides a wide range of modules and libraries facilitating developments in the Artificial Intelligence field.
  • Data Science and Analytics: Python enables developers to address challenges in accessing, capturing, analyzing, visualizing, and storing data. It is becoming very popular in Big Data, Data Science, and Data Visualization domains.
  • Internet of Things (IoT): The availability of Python-compatible hardware such as Raspberry Pi and accessibility to Python software packages and libraries that support IoT makes Python one of the preferred languages in IoT research and development projects.
  • Microservices and Containers: The growth of Microservices and advancements in Containers makes it easier to package and execute Python dependencies seamlessly in enterprise production environments.

Job Market Trends

According to the research, the Job market for Python shows growing trends. At present, there are around 50,000 jobs available in the United States, across domains, for professionals with expertise in Python.

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