Base SAS

Base SAS


Base SAS software, as the name suggests is a base of all SAS software because it enables you to work on other SAS products on applying the same basic rules. Base SAS is a web-based integrated system of software solutions that not only has an extensible 4GL programming language of its own but also allows you to access, manage and transform data.

It also allows you to analyze data and generate reports with graphics. It not only allows you to develop applications, manage projects, perform statistical and mathematical analysis, but also allows you to do business forecasting and decision making.

The three main components of Base SAS are:

  • Data Management Utility
  • Programming Language
  • Data Analysis and Reporting

SAS organizes data into SAS Data Set, which is quite similar to DBMS tables. Each row in a Data Set is a separate entity and referred to asobservation,each column is referred to as variable and each separate piece of information in a Data Set is called data value. You need to use SAS Programming language to build SAS Data Set or generate reports.


Benefits of Using Base SAS

Base SAS has following benefits:

  • Data Integration: Base SAS has an open and cross-platform architecture that allows you to perform data integration across different computing environments and infrastructures.This allows developers to read, format, analyze and create reports using data quickly, without bothering about the format of the data. This allows developers to focus their efforts to get a single view of the data.


  • Flexible and Powerful: Base SAS is flexible and powerful because it is scalable, allows parallel processing and multi-threading. Its high performance capabilities and the reduced need to move the data and execute the data manipulation routines in in-database or in-Hadoopallows it to produce faster resultsand improve performance and security.


  • Easy to LearnBase SAS is easy to learn and intuitive. It uses procedures that encapsulate the functionality that can be called using simple commands. The SAS Studio allows you to access existing programs, libraries, and data files from any mobile device that has a web browser. It allows you to generate reports using statistical procedures and view them in many standard formats such as RTF, PDF, Power Point, HTML and e-book formats. It also allows you to use platforms such as iPad, iPhone, and iBooks to view these reports.
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