Python VS PHP- Which Is Better For Application Development In 2022?

In this technology world, people only interact with mobile applications and websites where they go through various types of applications which have been developed with excellent and functional applications. While web and app development plays a crucial role in the development process which leads to the best application development. In backend development, the two languages have gained popularity and are used in tremendous ways to develop a web and app. Python and PHP are the top trending languages that are most widely used by developers. 

These two languages are highly preferable which has become enormously popular because of their features, functions, and many other factors which help in development. But the competition among PHP and Python is significant and it is difficult for developers to choose one as they have many advantages while disadvantages too with many features which make them different from each other. While in this blog we will talk about both the languages and assist you in making a decision for the development project. 

What Is Python?
Python is a language that was introduced in 1991 which is high level, object-oriented, and interpreted programming language for making the finest website. It is the language that is chosen by many programmers with the best features they offer on various platforms and it is easier to get code in a readable language. It is used in various places such as web development, scripting, software development, and many more. Python course in delhi helps in building, managing, controlling, testing the application at various platforms. There are many top organizations that are using Python are Reddit, Instagram, Netflix, Uber, Spotify, Google, Dropbox and many more. 

What Is PHP?
PHP is a language which was released in 1994 and has been used for many years. It is the language that is basically used in building interactive websites and is known to be one of the oldest programming languages. It is the most used programming language where many users on the internet are using the PHP language. It is a server-side language that switches various tools such as syntax which allows making dynamic web pages that are free of cost. It is the highest level language that is adopted by many developers. In today's era, the most evolving language is PHP with modern websites and the best results. 

Python VS PHP: Which Is Better?
It is one of the greatest topics of the era and it is a war between Python and PHP developers that which is best and what are the distinct features they have from each other as we have compares these two languages on various parameters so it will help you to decide that which is a better language for the developers. 

PHP is one of the fastest languages as compared to Python but a few years earlier Python is considered to be the fastest language but an updated version of PHP helps the developer for the quick process with high speed. It enhances the performance and gives the desired result in less time as compared to python. 

They are object-oriented languages which are compatible with the operating system but in this race, Python beats PHP. While python is a language that has high readability which is very easy to understand. This code is easily read and interpreted while PHP has a rigid syntax which makes the language complex and difficult to understand and it is complicated. 

In this parameter, both languages have ties as both are powerful languages that come with the best debugging features such as stacks, breakpoint, mapping, and more. It can be easily used; the only difference between the two is setup. For Python codes, you need to push the debug button and check easily. While PHP has some additional setup for debugging. Both the languages have powerful and excellent debuggers that keep the application secure and smooth functioning.

Python is a language that provides ease to the developers where code can work freely without any restrictions and it has high readability which helps in the debugging process. PHP is complicated as they have some restrictions while coding so many developers go for a simple version and choose Python for easy syntax programming. 

Library Support
In this feature, Python beats PHP while it comes to libraries. While in today's evolving world people are investing a lot in Machine learning where Python has a broad range of machine learning libraries such as Learn, Scikit, TensorFlow and more. While PHP does not have much library support. So for machine learning Python is the best web application choice among the developers.

Feature Of Python & PHP


  • Easy to learn a language that uses codes such as C, C#, Java and Javascript. 
  • Python supports various modules like PyQt5, PyQT4, or TK and also supports a graphical user interface. 
  • Easily integrated with other languages.
  • The portable language allows the code to run on various platforms such as Unix, Linux, Mac, and Windows. 
  • High-level programming languages are used by developers. 
  • Most preferred language for advanced applications which use machine learning and other technologies. 



  • Easy to use and straightforward other than a scripting language.
  • Flexible and embedded in nature and interpreted easily with XML, HTML, Java and others. 
  • Open source server programming language.
  • Support a broad range of databases which include MySQL, SQLite, Sybase, Oracle, and more. 
  • The compatible language which is used in various systems such as MAC OS, Linux, Windows, etc. 
  • Report error constantly and relevant alerts during the run time. 

In this article, I have discussed all the features and major parameters of both languages but it is still difficult to pick one programming language among one of them . Python and PHP are best in their own ways according to the functions, features, library support and many other factors which have been discussed above. While the choice of language totally depends on the business requirements. If the language meets that requirement they can easily add to their options without any other thought. As both languages provide a bright career to the developers where they can easily choose the best institute for Python & PHP training in Delhi and get the best future opportunity to succeed. According to the requirement, you can choose Python or PHP for web development. 

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