In this course, many things are taught like IP services, foundational security, programming etc. after doing this certification you can work as a desk technician, network engineer, network administrator or network support technician. Certification has to be renewed every three years. It's one of the best IT security certifications which can take an IT PROFESSIONALS career to the next level. But as it is one of the best certifications it is not an easy certification to complete and if you want to complete it successfully then there are certain tips or steps that you must follow if you want to complete it. There are certain requirements which you must have if you want to complete it.

Here we are mentioning a few steps that if you follow then you can complete this certification completely.

DO A BASIC COURSE IN NETWORKING: if you are new or you don’t have too much experience and knowledge in the IT industry and if you are eyeing CCNA then it would be better for you to do a basic course in networking before jumping to CCNA as it is an advanced course in networking security. By doing a basic course in networking you will get acquainted with fundamental knowledge of networking which will make a base for you that would help do CCNA and you will find it much easier to complete CCNA.

DOWNLOADING PACKET TRACER SOFTWARE: If you are taking the official course then your instructor will make your work with packet tracer software but if you are self-studying for CCNA then you will have to download this packet tracer software and start practising it with virtual equipment.

HAVE A WIFI NETWORK: It is in a way imperative for all those who are going to give this test is to set up a home or small office wireless network.

GO THROUGH AS MANY LABS AS POSSIBLE: if you are doing an official CCNA course then you will get access to as many labs and you must go through them but if you are self-studying then you can find CCNA labs online. you must try and go through as many labs as possible.

EQUIPMENT EXPERIENCE: It's important to work on actual equipment that is covered in CCNA. If you are doing it from an institute then you will have a lab that will have most of the equipment but otherwise, you can get all the equipment online. Although all the Cisco equipment can be costly, used ones can get much cheaper. Used CCNA equipment can be easily acquired online. This real experience will not only enhance your knowledge but also give you the required confidence for the examination. Although many students pass this exam without even touching any equipment once.

CCNA CONFIGURATION VIDEOS: Watching CCNA configuration videos online can be extremely helpful. It's always helpful as you get to see a professional do what you are learning.

LEARN WHAT CCNA IS: if you are preparing for any exam then you need to know about it. You must learn what that exam is all about. So is the case in CCNA. if you are taking a CCNA course and preparing for its exam. You must learn about it as much as you can.

HAVE A STUDY PLAN: CCNA training is given by many institutes, for example in INDIA many institutes provide CCNA training, and many institutes provide CCNA training in Noida and offer CCNA courses in Noida. but you must have your study plan apart from all the help you get from your institutes. Planning is important in anything you do in life. so all students need to have a customised study plan if they want to clear the CCNA exam.

APPEAR IN PRACTICE EXAMS: another important thing is if you want to clear the CCNA exam then you must give some practice exams. These practice exams will help you prepare for the actual exam. These exams are conducted by institutes which offer CCNA courses and provide CCNA training.

PREPARE FOR THE EXAM DAY: It is very normal to be anxious on exam day which is why it is equally important to be mentally prepared for the exam day so that you don’t get nervous or anxious about it.

BECOME PART OF ONLINE COMMUNITY: There are many online communities for those students and IT professionals who want to get CCNA certification. They are taking various CCNA training and CCNA courses to clear the exam. So it can be really helpful if you join such a community as it can be a great platform from which you can get a lot of information which can be of great use to you.

These were some tips which can be helpful if you want to clear the CCNA examination.

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