Who Is A Full Stack Developer And What Skills He Must Have?


A full-stack developer is one of the renowned jobs in the last few years in the world of Information technology. The boom of the field is yet flourishing which gives the proper training to the students. In this fast running world if we talk about professional versatility Full Stack Developer is one of the versatile job profiles. It has multi-talented professionals where they work in various fields. 

Who Is A Full Stack Developer?

Full Stack Developer is a person who works for both the client-side and server-side of the software application. Web development is basically of two parts which are frontend and backend development and each web consists of these two parts. He is the master of both fields and excels in both fields. This developer needs to be knowledgeable in all the technologies and able to understand the process happening with the entire application. It works for two main elements: front-end and backend. 

Front- End Development

It is commonly known as client-side development where users can easily interact and see. It has an element of application visual functionality. It helps in appearing various functions that are used in the application. It uses various software such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML, JSON, ES5, and many more. 

Back-End Development

It is also known as server-side development which is not shown to the clients. It has proper development which gives the proper interaction of the user with application smooth and hassle free. It uses various software such as PHP, ASP, C++, C#, Java, Python, SQL, and others. 

Advantages Of Full Stack Developer

  • He is the master of the techniques which help in development projects.

  • They provide help to other team members.

  • You can prototype very rapidly.

  • Reduce the cost of the product.

  • Effortlessly switch the use of both frontend and backend according to requirements.  

  • Proper understanding of all aspects of new and upcoming technologies. 

Skills Required For A Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers should be multibranched to excel in the field because they need to work at front and back end development and provide substantial growth with a variety of skills. It is the key skill that is necessary to have in a professional full-stack developer. Here we have discussed the full stack developer skills has mentioned below:


HTML stands for Hypertext Markup Language and CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets. The web is built on these technologies where HTML is a tool that helps the developer to input the content in the website, and CSS is a designing tool used to design web applications. It is a core skill where full-stack developers must work with these core tools. It will help in giving proper visuals and interaction to the user. 


It is the most important field which comes in the skills of developers and one of the dynamic languages which are used by developers to interact and enhance the front end development. It is the server-side language as well. They should have a fundamental knowledge of JavaScript which adds libraries and new frameworks for the constant growth of language. It is adaptable software that is quite simple and efficient. 

Git & GitHub

Git is a well-known term for developers which is open-source software that has various control systems which can easily handle the development needs. Git allows the developer to allow each step of the development process where you can easily track the things where you see the progress and make changes with necessary modification. GitHub is a platform that allows the developers to review, work, and manage the project. It creates a platform for the networkers where they can interact. 

BackEnd Development Languages

Full Stack Developer works with both and front end so the person should have proper knowledge of the technical languages which will give a proper understanding of the project. Here we have discussed few languages of backend development are as follows:

Python: It is an English-like syntax, with a smooth learning curve, with various works of libraries and frameworks which is an extremely popular language among the developers and coders in the world. It has multiple high-level programming languages. 

PHP: It is the top choice among backend development which is an open-source, cross-platform which is known to be a compatible language that can work easily with macOS, Unix, and Windows. It is a fast, resilient, and deficient language.

Java: It is a multi-purpose programming language and it can be easily used in web, desktop, and mobile applications. It has a wide range of frameworks that easily work with backend development. It is an innovative class-based programming language. To become full-stack developers students need to have some skills but enroll them for Java training in Ghaziabad.

Ruby: It is a sturdy programming language that boasts the finest documentation with various active communities for the developers. It is known for simplified coding, dynamic typing, and object-oriented. 

Web Architecture

Full Stack Developers have proper knowledge of software development where they are equipped with multiple skills for both front and back development. They should have knowledge in web architecture which helps to develop complex software applications from scratch where they need to know the structuring of code. With files, the structure of data and perform the necessary task. 



Both the software has a unique purpose where HTTP is the protocol for the communication with the client whereas REST is an interface system and with the help of HTTP protocol to gather data and perform different operations on data where REST acts like a translator between frontend and backend. The Full-Stack Developer needs to be a master in both fields. 

Database Storage

It is necessary where all the web applications need a database where they can easily store the data. Full Stack Developers who have full knowledge of databases and database storage with experienced and skilled users. It must adapt the database management and be easily able to design, understand and manipulate the database queries.

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