Check Point firewalls is a vendor-specific Training and creates a basic understanding of fundamental concepts of course whilst developing the skillset required for configuring Check Point firewalls. This Training concerns developing professionals who not only handle and maintain daily operations of these firewalls but also secure the information being shared/kept across the network.

Checkpoint Firewall

  • Understanding firewall technologies
  • Different types of firewall
  • Different Platforms of checkpoint firewall
  • Firewall Licensing
  • Checkpoint firewall Architecture
  • Installation and deployment of firewall
  • Understanding Smart console and its different features
  • Basic configuration on the firewall
  • Understanding and implementing policies
  • Policy packages and database versions
  • Configuring and understanding NAT
  • Authentication schemes
  • Identity Awareness
  • Configuring LDAP authentication
  • URL filtering and APP control
  • HTTPS inspection
  • Using Command Line Interface
  • Understanding and configuring VPN
  • Understanding Virtual private networks and its types
  • Configuring IPSEC Site to Site VPN tunnels.
  • Configuring and managing Remote access VPN tunnels
  • Managing Backup and Restore of firewall
  • Updating and Upgrading firewall
  • Understanding and configuring clustering and high availability using Cluster XL and VRRP
  • Troubleshooting checkpoint firewalls
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