DevOps Training From Ducat

DevOps is a new term emerging from the collision of two major related trends. 1) The first was also called “agile system administration” or “agile operations”; it sprang from applying newer Agile and Lean approaches to operations work. 2)The second is a much expanded understanding of the value of collaboration between development and operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle when creating and operating a service.DevOps is the union of people, process and products to enable the continuous delivery of value to end users. It aims to create a culture and environment where building, testing, and releasing software can happen rapidly, frequently, and more reliably, so you can innovate like a startup and scale for the enterprise

Types of Operating Systems , DB Basics and Networking Fundamentals.

  • Various flavors of Operating Systems – Windows, Linux etc.
  • Basics of Database, different types of Databases available and basic difference between them.
  • Fundamentals of Networking , IP, CIDR, Topologies and Protocols.
  • A mini project – Draw an architecture diagram for a given scenario.

Linux and Python Essentials

  • Top 20 Linux commands and working example of them
  • Top 20 Python commands and working example of them.
  • Linux Shell script – 5 use cases
  • Python script - 5 use cases.
  • Mini Project - Automation with Shell and Python.


  • Different types of Virtualization .
  • Various types of Hypervisor .
  • Types and Models of Cloud .
  • Mini Project – draw a hybrid cloud model for a client.

AWS Essentials

  • AWS Networking - VPC , Subnets, route tables, NACL etc .
  • AWS Compute - EC2, ELB and Autoscaling .
  • AWS Database – RDS
  • AWS Storage - S3
  • AWS Cloudformation
  • Setup a dev environment for a client

Server Technologies – Apache, Nginx and Tomcat

  • Introduction to multi-tier architecture Application
  • Deploying Web Server on Apache/Nginx
  • Deploying Application on Tomcat
  • Communication between multi-tier and securing them
  • Mini Project on deploying a 3 tier application.

Configuration Management with Chef

  • Setting up Workstation and Client
  • Write your first cookbook
  • Getting familiar with roles, databags and environments
  • Bootstrap a node .
  • Mini Project on a case study.


  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Create a deployment job.
  • Setup CI-CD pipeline with chef and Jenkins.
  • Mini Project on create a dev environment for client.

Monitoring the Application and Infrastructure with Zabbix, Datadog and NewRelic

  • Introduction to Monitoring and its importance .
  • Introduction to zabbix.
  • Introduction to Datadog
  • Introduction to NewRelic .
  • Mini Project – Setup monitoring and alert for an environment.

Log Monitoring – Basics of Splunk

  • Splunk Introduction
  • Splunk Architecture
  • Log forwarding with Splunk
  • Log monitoring with Splunk
  • Mini Project – Setup Log monitoring for an environment .

Docker Fundamentals - How to build and ship a sample application on various environment

  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Containers
  • Docker Image
  • Docker Hub
  • Mini Project - build and ship a sample application on various environment.

Final Project – Setup DevOps Workflow for a development team