The Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application module for human resources has become stronger. The ERP HR can be packed with all of the supportive applications it needs to carry out smoother worker relations. This is just one of the distinctive aspects of this process. Application modules can be either stand-alone or bundled and that is suitable for a busy unit like human resources. The ERP HR application platform is designed to meet the needs of a human resources department that has been called on to do more over the last few years. It provides the type of support required to handle human resources effectively.

Detailed information and data of all the employees like compensation, performance, training, health care and government compliance will be incorporated in the application modules. The programme is designed in such a way as to facilitate communication, collaboration and sharing of information, in real-time. The data is stored in location; this is the communications repository, where all authorized personnel can access any information or diagnostic tools.

The ERP HR facilitates you to administer worker affairs and to share information with others proficiently. The transparency provided means that you can see what is happening throughout the enterprise and communicate any details to other staff members, right online without the requirement for paperwork. The ERP HR connection makes it much simpler to perform worker business, both internally as well as externally.

Well-organized effectiveness is what you get with an ERP software system. It is just a single process, but has the power to do so many things because it is integrated and automated, for the rationalized management of operations. If you are looking for an ERP HR software for your organization then is the right place for you.


  • Enterprise Structure Creation
  • Creation Of Org Unit, Job, Position, Task, Person
  • Reporting Structure
  • Integration


  • Basic Settings
  • Dependents & Beneficiaries
  • Plan Attributes
  • Define Employee Groupings For

Define Employee Groupings For

  • Cost groupings
  • Credit groupings
  • Coverage groupings
  • Employee contribution groupings
  • Employer contribution groupings


  • Basic Settings
  • Personnel sub-area Groupings
  • Period Work Schedule
  • Work Schedule Rules
  • Substitution
  • Absence Counting
  • Rules for Absence Counting


  • Types of Internal Tables
  • Creating and Processing of Internal Tables
  • Joins
  • Cursors
  • Wage Type Structure
  • Wage Type Permissibility for PSA & Employee Sub-Group
  • Setting Up Personnel Action


  • Basic Settings
  • Create Control Record
  • Features
  • Payroll India


  • Workforce Requirements & Advertising
  • Applicant Administration
  • Applicant Structure
  • Applicant Selection
  • Applicant Master Data


  • Training and Event Management
  • Compensation Management / Performance Appraisal


  • Employee Self Service
  • Manager's Desktop
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