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ERP is originally known for its leadership in ERP software, it has evolved to become a market leader in end-to-end enterprise application software, database, analytics, intelligent technologies, and experience management. It is a top cloud company with 200 million users worldwide, it also helps organizations of all sizes and in all industries to operate profitably, adapt continuously, and achieve their purpose.ERP was founded in 1972 by Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung in German in Walldorf, Germany and now has many offices around the world. ERP foundation helps 437,000 customers worldwide work together more efficiently and use business insight more effectively by using ERP. ERP Fiori Training in Noida is the UX of the Intelligent Enterprise that changes the way that people work. It provides designers and developers with a set of tools to create different apps for different platforms faster than ever. It is also providing a consistent, innovative experience for both creators and users. Fiori enables users to turn new ideas into great apps as quickly as the market demands.

Evolution of ERP Fiori

  • ERP Fiori (2013)
  • ERP Fiori 2.0 (2016)
  • ERP Fiori 3 (2019)

ERP FIORI is an open User and is a part of ERP. FIORI is a collection of apps and a new user experience for software. It generally applies modern design principles for a completely imagined user experience. FIORI represents a customized, responsive, and a very simple user experience across multiple devices and deployment options. There are more than 360 role-based apps in the market. Fiori is a new user experience (UX) provided by ERP software. By using modern principles, it completely reinvents the user experience. When it is combined with the power of the ERP HANA, the ERP Fiori platform UX delivers unmatched responsiveness. Customized and role-based, the new user experience in this software enables enterprise-wide engagement across lines of business. It provides optimal usability on different-different devices for better business interactions and ease of use.

This Course Requirements are like:
  1. i) Basic understanding of business processes like ERP, CRM, and ERP SCM. ii) Basic programming knowledge including HTML / JavaScript / ERPUI5.

Audiences who can learn ERP FIORI TRAINING are Application developers, Mobile application developers, Solution consultants, Presales consultants, Technical consultants, System administrators, and everyone interested in the ERP Fiori UX.

Design with ERP FIORI

The design system for Fiori was created to accelerate the design to the development process. It is a coherent framework of different design languages that have each been designed from the ground up to create a native UX. With ERP Fiori, each design language gives you the greatest flexibility to design beautiful enterprise applications for any screen size for iOS, Android, and UX. Ducat is the leading Institute in ERP Fiori Training in Delhi NCR.

ERP Fiori is the design language that brings great UX to enterprise applications. Based on user roles and business processes, It simplifies doing business very easily. It is a paradigm shift away from monolithic ERP solutions towards light-weight apps tailored to the users’ tasks. To speed up the transformation of the world’s digital economy rapidly, the ERP foundation is applying this design language to leading technology platforms.

Designing Principles


ERP FIORI for Android

The ERP Fiori for Android design language takes the strengths of the Fiori UI and the Android OS to deliver enterprise applications that fulfill every requirement of users and businesses with modern and sleek designs. By utilizing Fiori and Material Design, Fiori for Android is ready to handle a large variety of different users. Users can start designing with our design guidelines to create an insightful and powerful application.


ERP foundation has created a design language that unifies our deep understanding of business user needs and the meticulous requirements of the modern enterprise with the principles of good iOS design. It is ERP Fiori for iOS by ERP. With the new design language, ERP FIORI Training Institute in Noida is empowering their partners and customers to make beautiful and native mobile apps.

ERP Conversational User Experience (UX)

ERP Conversational UX (ERP CUX or UX) is a design language for organization's conversational products. It generally provides guidelines and tools for designing conversational products that integrate seamlessly across different business applications.


  • Users will be able to access Fiori Apps from anywhere and also from any device.
  • Except for Database, all functionalities will be executed on the client side only.
  • Performance wise Fiori apps perform fast.
  • The screens of Fiori apps are lightweight.
  • Fiori supports such as OData External, OData Hana, and Odata Abap Services.

Why Ducat?

Ducat has a dedicated team of highly expert trainers to identify, evaluate, implement, and provide the Best ERP FIORI Training Institute in Noida for our students. Our Trainers leverage a defined methodology that helps identify a CCNP opportunity, develop the most optimal resolution and maturely execute the solution. We have the best trainers across the world to provide the Best ERP FIORI Training in Noida who are highly qualified and are the best in their field. The Training & Placement cell is committed to providing all attainable help to the students in their efforts to seek out employment and internships in every field. The placement department works beside alternative departments as a team in molding the scholars to the necessities of varied industries. We got a proactive and a business clued-in Placement Cells that pride itself on a robust skilled network across numerous sectors. It actively coordinates with every student and ensures that they get placed with purported MNCs in six months of completion of their course. We are the Best ERP FIORI Training Institute in Noida, Pitampura, South Extension, Gurugram, Ghaziabad.


  • ODATA Services
  • CRUD Operations
  • Service Methods and Maintenance
  • Service Testing and Debugging.
  • Introduction to HANA cloud connector, its usage, connection building with backend ERP system and Cloud Platform using a P user ID.
  • Introduction to WEBIDE, its parts, and usage.
  • Introduction to various types of Fiori Applications.
  • Creation of ERPUI5 Application (using XML Views) in WEBIDE consuming our OATA Service (which we created in Week 1), Annotation Modeller
  • Exporting of application back to repository as a BSP application Deployment of application on ERP Cloud Platform (Trial Version)
  • Introduction to Fiori Launchpad and its configuration.
  • Theme Designing.
  • Creation of tiles, catalogs, groups, PFCG, and LPDCUST roles.
  • Making that BSP application (of Week 3) available on the Launchpad as a full-fledged FIORI application.
  • Study of Standard Fiori Applications, their locations in SICF and OData Services.
  • Case Study of a few Standard Fiori Application and their extension strategies:
  • Display G/L Account Line Items - from ERP FICO
  • Manage Supplier Line Items - from ERP MM

Doubts of the previous week

  • Test of 30 Min
  • Interview Questions
  • What next after Fiori?
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