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If you are searching for one of the best Graphic Designing Pro course in Pitampura then Ducat's the IT Training School is best for you where you will be trained by industry expert trainers who have more than 10+ years of experience with live projects. Our Graphic Designing Pro training program is designed mainly to focus on learners who are undergraduates, Graduates, freelancers and also working professionals who can also enrol in this course to boost their career in any profile of Graphic designing.

If you ever wonder about Graphic designing pro course have you ever pictured animated commercials on television or over the internet, attractive magazines, books etc? The term "Graphic designing pro" includes designing a wide variety of items such as picture books, visiting cards, webpage layouts, product brands, wedding cards, invitation cards, symbols, illustrations, software interfaces, mobile applications and many more.

Course Overview

Both the fundamentals and more advanced themes of graphic design are covered in the Blended Model of this Graphic Designing Pro course at Ducat in Pitampura.

This can be the biggest opportunity for learners to achieve a professional career by enrolling in this course. You will get the opportunity to get training from industry experts at Ducat on a variety of graphic design topics including creating and editing shapes, colour modes, Golden ratio, Corel draw and many more. Additionally, you will receive training on other graphic design software like Corel Draw and Adobe InDesign CC - Advanced Training. Sign up for the Graphic Designing Pro course at Ducat in Pitampura if you want to start a successful career in graphic design quickly.

Highlights of the course

  • Live Instructor-led training
  • Projects and Assignments
  • Flexible training schedule
  • Assured Placement assistance
  • Industry recognized certification

What will you learn

  • Drawing, editing, Colour modes
  • Photoshop
  • Corel Draw
  • Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training

What is Graphic designing pro?

Simply listing the design illustrations is insufficient. For a better grasp of this creative industry, let's define "graphic designing pro" .It is a domain in which experts produce visual content to convey ideas professionally.

Graphic Designers with the help of images and typography fulfil the demands of users by utilising visual hierarchy and page layout approaches to maximise the user experience They concentrate on various techniques of showing numerous elements in interactive designs to make the user experience better.

Scope after completing the Graphic designing pro course in Pitampura

Graphic designing is a field that is mostly considered by creative people with a love of art, technology, and communication. Designers frequently get the chance to work on a variety of innovative and fascinating projects because so many businesses need graphic design for their businesses. You can improve your skills through graphic designing training in Pitampura from Ducat Institute, even if you already work in the field.

The average salary for a graphic designer in India is around 3 Lakhs and the highest is up to 6.5 lakhs as per the statistics.


Anyone can enrol who wants to learn Graphic designing pro and he or she should have basic computer operating knowledge.

Why enrol in DUCAT’s Graphic Designing Pro Course in Pitampura?

  • Our excellent Graphic Designing Pro course in Pitampura is designed as per the trending IT industry needs.
  • Ducat is one of the best Graphic designing pro training Institutes in Pitampura whose course curriculum is designed to focus mainly on practical learning with real-world projects.
  • Our Institute also provides full job assistance to learners after the course completion.
  • Ducat offers the best corporate training in the Graphic Designing Pro course in Pitampura which directly helps the learners to master corporate world skills right from the classroom.
  • Ducat Institute in Pitampura has one of the best-integrated infrastructures which includes labs, and classrooms that are fully equipped with projectors and wifi access.
  • Our live training sessions are based on real-world market projects and trainers are certified experts.


1. Is the Graphic designing pro course hard to understand?

Graphic designing is one of the easiest courses. It is simple enough for students in the 10th grade. You will learn how to design and draw illustrations at Ducat according to current graphic design trends.

You can learn how to design mobile interfaces, cartoon characters, advertising posters, and banners. These are taught along with your projects and the toolkit. You could sketch a superhero or a Spider-Man in a matter of weeks because it's that simple.

2. If an individual doesn't know how to draw , can he or she become a graphic designer?

Yes, even if you lack drawing skills, you can still be a skilled designer. All you need to succeed as a graphic designer is a creative mindset. Everyone is creative, in our opinion at Ducat; it only depends on how you are taught the necessary skills.

At Ducat, we make every effort to concentrate on each applicant, helping them develop their creative abilities and become subject matter experts.

3. Is this Graphic designing pro course in demand?

Yes, the graphic designing pro course is currently in high demand. As a result of the growing global popularity of digital media, you will find employment opportunities with web design firms, graphic design firms, news channels, print magazines, media post-production houses, animation studios, mobile application development firms, and many other industries.

4. What is this Graphic designing pro course duration?

This Graphic designing pro training in Pitampura is for 6 months in which you will master all the aspects of the Graphic designing pro.

5. Can I join offline classes for this Graphic designing pro course?

Yes, at Ducat Institute we offer both offline and online training, you can get training from both modes also.

6. Will I get wifi access during the training?

Yes, we provide learners with Ducat’s wifi access for smooth internet service while training.

7. What if any of the training sessions were missed by me?

Ducat also provides recorded sessions so you can cover your missed sessions or you can also interact with the trainers for the same.

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