The explosive growth of the “Internet of Things” is changing our world and the quick drop in price for typical IoT components is allowing people to make new designs and products at home. In this you will learn the importance of IoT in society, the current mechanism of typical IoT devices and trends for the future. IoT design considerations, constraints and interfacing between the physical world and your device will also be covered

Internet OF Things

IoT Development

Introduction of IoT (2 Hours)

  • What is IoT?
  • How IoT is applied in different domains?
  • Use cases ranging from Smart Cities to IIoT
  • How large is the IoT Market in different domains?
  • IoT Technology stack
  • Sensors & Actuators
  • Hardware Platforms
  • IoT Operating System
  • Wireless Communication Protocols
  • Network communication Protocols
  • Cloud, its components and IoT
  • Data Streaming in IoT
  • Data Store and IoT
  • Analytics & Visualization for IoT

IoT Device Design & Management

  • Top IoT hardware platform
  • Architecture, layout and comparison of different microcontroller
  • Sensor, Actuator, Microcontroller

Wireless Networking Technology

  • NFC
  • RFID
  • WIFI
  • Z WAVE
  • LoRaWAN
  • Zigbee
  • Cellular
  • Bluetooth
  • SigFox
  • NB-IOT

Wired Communication Protocol

  • SPI
  • UART
  • I2C

Interfacing of different Sensor, Actuator, Wireless Networking Technology with different microcontroller

Introduction of Arduino IDE

Arduino Mega (10 hours)

  • Introduction of Arduino Mega
  • Industry application
  • Pin configuration or description of board
  • Exploring Linux file system,Hardware, I/O
  • Interfacing a push button
  • Making led on/off by push button
  • Interfacing an RGB led
  • Theory of PWM Pulse width modulation
  • Control light intensity using PWM
  • Interfacing an LDR.
  • Light dependent resistor as sensor to measure brightness
  • Interfacing temperature sensor
  • Motor Interfacing(DC)
  • Motor Driver Introduction
  • Servo motor theory
  • controlling servo motor with PWM
  • Interfacing IR Sensor
  • Interface analog Sensor
  • SPI/I2C and UART protocol

Introduction of Python

Raspberry Pi (10 hours)

  • Raspberry-pi Architecture
  • Working with Raspberry Pi 3 Model
  • Industry Use case of Raspberry Pi
  • Installing OS and Designing Systems using Raspberry pi
  • Configuring Raspberry Pi for VNC Connection
  • Getting introduced to Linux OS
  • Basic Linux commands and uses
  • Interface sensor and Actuator with Raspberry-pi
  • Interface relay with raspberry pi
  • Interface different sensor like IR sensor/gas sensor
  • Interface different sensor like LDR/Soil sensor
  • Interface different sensor like Soil sensor with raspberry pi
  • Interface different sensor like DHT11 with raspberry pi
  • Interface PI-Camera with Raspberry
  • Program Raspberry pi for click image
  • Program Raspberry pi for create video
  • Serial communication with raspberry pi and arduino
  • Sending data to arduino to raspberry pi or raspberry pi
  • Interfacing DC motor with raspberry pi
  • Servo motor Concept
  • Interfacing Servo motor with Raspberry pi
  • Interfacing Steeper motor

Working with different wireless networking technology (10 hours)

  • NFC
  • Bluetooth
  • Zigbee
  • RFID

Networking and Communication Protocol (1 hours)

  • IoT Network
  • OSI Model
  • TCP and UDP
  • IP4 and IP6

IoT Transport layer protocol (1 hour)

  • Introduction of TCP & UDP
  • Difference between TCP/UDP Transport layer protocol.
  • Practically testing the TCP v/s UDP by python socket programming.

HTTP IOT Protocol (4 hours)

  • Introduction and structure of HTTP protocol
  • Application
  • Start with HTTP protocol GET/POST Method
  • Work on python Flask library design web page
  • Control thing from webpage using HTTP protocol
  • Publish sensor data over webserver

CoAP IoT Protocol (5 hours)

  • CoAP Architecture
  • Application
  • Difference between HTTP and CoAP Protocol
  • Design client and server using Python library and implement it.
  • Interface using Aneska android app

MQTT IOT Protocol (10 hours)

  • Introduction to MQTT
  • MQTT Subscribe/Publish
  • MQTT Broker,QoS,Security
  • Application
  • MQTT with Raspberry Pi
  • Installation of Mosquito MQTT broker
  • Publish and Subscriber test on local server broker
  • Test with multiple client.
  • Getting started with MQTT on Raspberry Pi
  • Installing Mosquitto on Raspberry pi
  • Making pi a local MQTT broker
  • Testing Publish and subscribe model on RPi
  • Publishing data from PC
  • Android to RPi over a local network
  • Controlling Pi GPIOs using MQTT broker
  • Publishing live sensor data to
  • Controlling devices from cloud platform
  • Designing the IoT Gateway system
  • Gathering data from multiple publishers
  • Making Raspberry Pi as a IoT Gateway
  • Analyzing sensor data in smartphone over internet
  • Analyzing MQTT data packet using Wireshark software.

AMQP Protocol (5 hours)

  • Architecture of AMQP Protocol
  • Application
  • Producer, Consumer, Broker
  • Architecture of RabbitMQ
  • Message Exchange type
  • Installation of message broker
  • Asynchronous message communication between publisher and RabbitMQ
  • Using pika implement

WebSocket (3 hours)

  • Understand Architecture of WebSocket
  • Application
  • Implement using python library TORNADO or pywebsocket
  • MQTT over webSockets

OPC and UA (5 hours)

  • Understanding the OPC UA Specification
  • Servers (using a free server simulator)
  • Clients (using a free client)
  • Information Modeling Fundamentals
  • Security Implementations
  • Server Implementation
  • Implementing the Secure Channel
  • Methods
  • Alarms and Conditions
  • Historical Access
  • Client Implementation

Database (3 hours)

  • Introduction SQLite database
  • Create table
  • Syntax, query, operators
  • SQLite -container
  • Advance SQLite
  • SQLite Interface
  • Store sensor data/device information into database

IOT Applications with Data Logging and Reporting (15 hours)

  • IoT Platform-Connect, Monitor, Notify
  • AWS
  • IoT Core
  • IoT Analytics
  • SNS
  • Dynamo db
  • IBM Bluemix
  • Node red
  • Adafruit
  • Ubidot
  • MyDevice
  • Azure IoT
  • IOT Hub
  • Stream Analytics
  • Storage
  • Power BI
  • Notification

Notify By Twitter,Mail,SMS (2 hours)

  • Get Notification by sms using Twilio Platform.
  • Create twitter app and notify by tweet.
  • Notify by mail using SMTP with Python

IoT Product & Project Development (2 hours)

  • Agile Project Development
  • Do’s & Don’t for IoT Project Development
  • Indian IoT Products
  • Product Development Lifecycle

IoT Analytics (1 hours)

  • Introduction of IoT Analytics
  • Machine Learning Technique
  • Need of IoT Analytics
  • Case Study

Sensor Analytics (6 hours)

  • Handling of sensor data,
  • data pre-processing, and integration of different data sources,
  • Heterogeneity and distributed nature,
  • Selection of sensor to capture right set of data,
  • Analog to digital conversion,
  • Time and frequency domain analysis,
  • Sampling theorem, Aliasing, Selection and cleaning
  • Edge analytics

Statistical Analytics (6 hours)

  • Extracting meaning from data,
  • Techniques for visualizing relationships in data
  • Systematic techniques for understanding the relationships,
  • Exploring data – Visualization, Correlation, and Regression, Probability distributions

Machine Learning (10 hours)

  • Concept of machine learning,
  • Introduction to Python programming(numpy,pandas,matplotlib,sklearn)
  • Regression – Linear and non-linear, Algorithms
  • Logistics and non-linear regression,
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Classification, Algorithms – SVM, Decision trees, boosted decision trees, Naïve Bayes,
  • Feature selection methods for classification methods- Information value based, filter based and wrapper based,
  • Algorithms and techniques for marketing analytics – Conjoint analysis, Hidden Markov models
  • Time Series Analysis
  • Clustering

Cloud IoT Analytics Platform (4 hours)

  • AWS – IoT Analytics
  • Azure - Machine Learning Platform

IoT Security (1 hours)

  • Need of IoT Security
  • Requirements and Basic Properties
  • Main Challenges
  • Confidentiality
  • Integrity
  • Availability
  • Non-Repudiation

Cryptology (3 hours)

  • Cipher
  • Symmetric Key Algorithms (AES and DNS)
  • Attacks
  • Dictionary and Brute Force
  • Lookup Tables
  • Reverse Look Tables
  • Rainbow Tables
  • Hashing
  • MD5, SHA256, SHA512, RipeMD, WI
  • Objectives of Data Mining
  • Key aspects of Data Mining
  • Attack Surface and Threat Assessment
  • Embedded Devices

Network Attacks (1 hour)

  • Active/Passive Attacks
  • Eavesdropping
  • Identity Spoofing
  • Man-In-The-Middle (MITM)

IOT Protocol Built-In Security Features

On Transport Layer

  • SSL / TLS and DTLS

On Application Layer (1 hours)

  • MQTT
  • CoAP
  • XMPP
  • AMQP
  • Security Management
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Case Studies and Discussion

PLC and IoT (1 hour)

Augmented Reality with IoT (5 hour)

Block chain with IoT (6 hour)

Use Cases (IoT Development, IoT Security, IoT Analytics) 5 hours

  • Health Care Sector
  • Smart City (Smart parking, lighting, dustbin, trees, using LPWAN Technology)
  • Telecommunication
  • Energy or Power distribution
  • Automobile
  • Smart wearable device (Using NFC)
  • Agriculture (Smart planting)
  • Manufacturing - Industry 4.0(using PLC,SCADA)

Special Advance topic (15 hours)

  • Introduction to LPWAN
  • Communication technology: Wired and wireless
  • Internet of Things: Different wireless technologies
  • Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN)
  • Market players

LoRa (Radio Modulation)

  • LoRa characteristics
  • Radio propagation
  • LoRa modulation
  • Frequency bands

LoRaWAN Architecture

  • Overview
  • LoRaWAN network server
  • Device classes
  • Scalability
  • Uplink and downlink messages

LoRaWAN Hardware

  • Gateways
  • Nodes
  • Prototyping and what hardware to choose
  • Production
  • Power consumption
  • Antennas

LoRaWAN Solutions

  • Case studies and examples
  • Sketch on the node libraries
  • Payload functions
  • Setting up end-to-end application
  • Protocols: MQTT, HTTP integration

Data modeling and processing

  • Data storage and visualization
  • Cloud platforms and integrations
  • Tools: Grafana, InfluxDB, NodeRed

LoRaWAN Security

  • OTAA/ABP Frame counters
  • Secure elements
  • Encryption and decryption

LoRaWAN Deployments

  • Placing gateways and site surveys
  • Enabling ADR (scalability)
  • NOC, alerting, updates
  • Mass commissioning
  • OTA updates
  • Security: setting up own handler