Ducat java selenium training will make you an expert in Automation tools so that you can initiatives in your organization. Selenium with Java Training course designed to teach the basics of the WebDriver API using Java. This course also covers webdriver Interface explanation and Invoking Browser, Identifying locators(id, name,linkText) with developer tools -1, Techniques to automate Ajax calls, Child Windows and IFrames, Difference between HashMap and HashTable, Writing Generic functions to Identify Frames/Windows. Selenium with Java training from Ducat can help your career reach another success ladder. The training consists of full hand on sessions such as how can automation of web-based applications and implementation will help in frameworks such as Hybrid and Data-driven that can help you in the future.

Introduction to Java

  • Introduction to Java Programming Language,
  • Uses of Java language, Java Syntax Rules & Coding Standards,
  • Java Environment Setup, Write & Execute first Java Program,
  • And Write Java Programs using Eclipse IDE

Java Programming for Selenium

  • Overview of Java Programming, Java Modifiers, Data Types,
  • Variables, Operators, Flow Control, Arrays, String Handling,
  • File Handling, Exception Handling, and Methods.
  • Java OOPS: Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, and Encapsulation.

Java Program Structure and Syntax

  • Java Programming Structure, Writing Comments,
  • Declaring Methods, Declaring Variables,
  • Declaring Constants, Print Statements, usage of Operators,
  • Writing Conditional Statements, Writing Loop Statements, and Calling methods

Java Conditional and Loop Statements

  • Java Conditional and Loop Statements, explain Types of Conditional statements in Java,
  • Types of Conditions and usage of conditional statements.
  • If statement and switch statements in Java with examples.
  • Java loop structures, for loop, while loop, do while loop and enhanced for loop with examples.

Strings and Arrays in Java

  • Strings and Arrays in Java explains String handling in Java,
  • Creating Strings, String Concatenation, and String Comparison.
  • Array declaration, types of Arrays, print Array, copy Array,
  • Array methods and Advantages & Disadvantages of Arrays.

Input Output Operations and File Handling

  • Input and Output operations and File handling in Java,
  • Explains reading different types of input and displaying output on the console.

Collections Framework

  • Introductions of Collections
  • Types of collections
  • Generic -List, Dictionary, Stack, and Queue
  • Non Generic- ArrayList, HashTable, Stack, and Queue
  • Introduction of Hash Map & Hash key
  • Introduction of set


Introduction of Selenium:

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Use of automation Testing
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • Why automation is important for your career?
  • What is Selenium?
  • Advantage of Selenium.
  • History of Selenium.
  • Component of Selenium.
  • Architecture of Remote Control.
  • Architecture of WebDriver.
  • Architecture of GRID.
  • Differences between API's Vs GUI's.Selenium IDE:
    Set up Eclipse:
    Browser & Navigation Commands:
    Element Identification:
    Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons:
    Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows:
    Action Class:
    TestNG Framework:
    Cucumber :
    Log4j Logging:
    Database Connections:
    Automation Framework:
    Automation Test Script Development (Project Based)
    Interview Preparation :

    Selenium IDE Introduction
    Record and Playback with Firefox and Chrome
    Debugging in Selenium IDE Script
    Introduction Katalone Studio
    Record and Playback through Katalone Studio
    Download and install java
    Download and start Eclipse
    Download and configure WebDriver java client
    Set up a project
    Create packages
    Create a First Java test case
    Import WebDriver Source file
    WebDriver Interface
    WebElement Interface
    Launching Firefox browser
    How to Open a URL
    Verify Page title
    Strategy to get the Page Source
    Difference between Close & Quit
    Ways to Navigate Back & Forward
    How to Refresh Page
    Another way of Navigating to a specific Page
    What are locators?
    HTML Basics.
    HTML language tags and attributes.
    ID, Name, Xpath, CSS, etc.
    Difference between Absolute & Complete Xpath.
    Finding your first element.
    WebElement Commands.
    Finding the Href & Src broken link
    Define the manually static Xpath
    Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome, and IE
    Element locator tool for Firefox Locator
    Firebug&Fire Path Add-Ons in Mozilla
    Various HTML locator strategies
    XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
    Selection of Effective Xpath
    Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page
    Identify table rows and columns
    Extracting values from a cell
    Dynamically Identify Tables Data
    Select a class in Selenium
    Drop Down Handle.
    Select multiple values from the list
    Select & Deselect operations by Index, Value & Visible Text.
    Implicit and Explicit waits
    How to use Expected Conditions with Waits
    PageLoadTimeout & SetScriptTimeout property
    Simple use of Thread Sleep
    Concept of Fluent Wait in Selenium
    WebDriverWait and its uses
    Different WaitUntil Conditions
    Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert
    Concepts of Set Interface in Java
    Difference between Window Handles & Handles
    Switching & Closing Windows, Tabs & Popup's
    Concept of window ID
    Extracting window IDs with a Selenium Object reference
    JavaScriptExecutor Interface
    Captured Screenshot
    Cookies Handles
    What is Action Class & What can we do with Action Class
    Mouse Hover & Mouse Movement with Action
    Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
    Drag and Drop Action
    What is TestNG
    Benefits and Features of TestNG
    How to download TestNG
    Annotations in TestNG
    How to run Test Suite in TestNG
    Groups in TestNG
    Depend on in TestNG
    Test Case sequencing in TestNG
    TestNG Asserts
    TestNG Parameters
    Multi Browser testing in TestNG
    Parallel testing in TestNG
    Extent Report API
    Introduction Cucumber
    Using Cucumber
    Gherkins Language
    Creation of feature files and Step Definition
    Introduction TDD and BDD
    TDD Vs BDD
    Version Control (GitHub Introduction)
    Log4j Introduction
    Download Log4J
    Add Log4j Jar
    Test Case with Log4j
    Log4j Log Manager
    Log4j Appenders
    Log4j Loggers
    Database connection
    Database Testing in Selenium using MySql Server
    What is Automation Framework
    Features of Automation Framework
    Benefits of using Automation Framework
    Different types of Automation Framework
    What is Data Driven Framework
    What is Modular Driven Framework
    What is Keyword Driven Framework
    Apache POI API
    POI Setup and Configuration
    Read and Write Excel file with Apache POI
    POM (Page Object Model)
    Page Factory
    Maven Introduction
    Install Maven in Eclipse IDE
    Install Maven on Windows
    Install Maven on Mac
    How to Create a New Maven Project
    How to Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse
    Configuration of POM & set multiple builds
    Jenkins Introduction.
    Selenium Integration with Jenkins.
    Installation & configuration of complete Jenkins setup.
    Scheduling of Maven build & set multiple builds in Jenkins.
    Overview of integration between Jenkins & GitHub.
    Overview of integration between Jenkins & AWS.
    Overview of integration between Jenkins & Azure.
    Schedule activate & deactivate of builds.
    Analyze the complete console logs.
    Introduction of GitHub and Selenium integration.
    Installation of git binaries
    GitHub set up in Eclipse IDE
    Building repository on git
    Test prepare in selenium using Github
    Analyzing Manual Test Script
    Automation Test Script Development Strategy
    Development Test Script according to manual script
    Technical Interview Preparation
    Mock interview Preparation
    HR Session
    Project implementation
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