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Are you Looking for the Best Institute for Online Mean Stack training in Noida? DUCAT offers Mean Stack training classes with live project by expert trainer in Noida. Our Mean Stack training program in Noida is specially designed for Under-Graduates (UG), Graduates, working professional and also for Freelancers. We provide end to end learning on Mean Stack Domain with deeper dives for creating a winning career for every profile.

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We Focus on Innovative ideas, High-quality Training, Smart Classes, 100% job assistance, Opening the doors of opportunities. Our Mean Stack Trainees are working across the nation. We at Ducat India, No#1 Mean Stack Course in Noida with 100% Placement. Certified Trainers with Over 10,000 Students Trained in Mean Stack Course in Noida, Greater Noida,Ghaziabad,Gurgaon,Faridabad

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Get dedicated student support, career services, industry expert mentors and real world projects. Career Counselling. Timely Doubt Resolution. 50% Salary Hike, Career Counselling Case Studies + Tools + Certificate.

Online Mean Stack Training in Noida in software development is a combination of software products & programming languages that helps in developing a very wide range of web & mobile applications. A large number of enterprises are seeking Mean Stack Training services to stimulate dynamic software applications.

MEAN is an open-source bundle of JavaScript web applications. Mean Stack Developer is enough to fulfill the end-to-end web & app development requirements. It reduces the need to have different Mean Stack developers specialized in each area of front-end, back-end, and database management. This Stack is most appropriate in terms of cost as it's the free source, freely available and doesn't charge any licensing fees & is compatible to run on different platforms like Mac Os or windows. Also, it demonstrates its compatibility to interchange with front-end frameworks like ReactJS and versions of Angular - without disturbing the back-end logics & systems. JS is an essential part of this Stack which enables to create tons of features that prepare apps with real-time capabilities. JS authorize developers to build web push notifications to viewers via which client & server exchange streamlined communication & data. The Full Stack Training in Noida is a combination of the most popular advanced tools for web development.

NodeJS provides a cross-platform JS run-time environment which makes it a prime choice over traditional ones. Being a cross-platform supportive, it can run on any operating system whether Linux or Windows. MongoDB and NoSQL can be easily aligned with cloud computing practices. Cloud computing has been reaping massive outreach and many enterprises are approaching MEAN development services to inherit this cloud computing into their system.

Best IT Training institute in Delhi NCR for Mean offer job based training offered by expert team of trainers having more 7+ years of project based experience. Trainers are real time professional and subject matter experts so that they train students to work on projects and real applications. Ducat is the Best Mean Stack Coaching Institute. At Ducat, Mean Stack training Course is conduct during day time classes, weekend classes, evening group classes and fast track training classes. It also provides placement, jobs security and certification are the main attractive features. So if you want to be a Certified Mean Stack developer then Ducat is the Best Mean Training Institute in Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Greater Noida


  • Course Objectives


  • Basic JavaScript
  • DOM and BOM
  • Intervals and Objects
  • Prototype ,Hoisting and Closure
  • Let , Const , Arrow , Class and Inheritance
  • Map, Filter , Reduce , Template Literals
  • ForEach, for-in, for-of loop.


  • Why Typescript
  • Basic Types
  • Class and Interfaces
  • Modules


  • Real-time environmental setup


  • What is Angular
  • What is SPA
  • Comparison between different versions
  • Advantages and Disadvantages
  • Key features


  • Node /NPM
  • Angular CLI
  • Setup Project
  • Directory Structure
  • Code Editors
  • How Angular Application Boot


  • What is Module
  • Decorator
  • NgModule
  • Core Module
  • Bootstrapping
  • Shared Modules


  • Introduction to Components
  • Component Architecture Patterns
  • Metadata
  • State and Behaviors


  • Template Expression or Interpolation
  • Data Binding (Event ,Property , Two Way)
  • *ngIf , *ngFor , *ngSwicth
  • Built-in Structural and Attributes Directive


  • Built-in Pipes
  • Custom Pipes


  • Routes , RouterModule , routerLink
  • Child Routing
  • Params
  • Guards


  • Structured Directives
  • Attribute Directives


  • Template Driven
  • Reactive Form
  • Custom Validators


  • Observable vs Promise
  • Network Call
  • HTTP Request | Response


  • Introduction to Services
  • Building a Service
  • Dependency Injections
  • Injectors and Providers


  • Component LifeCycle
  • All LifeCycle Hooks


  • Local Storage
  • Session Storage
  • Cookies


  • @Input()
  • @Output() with EventEmitter
  • @Viewchid()
  • Shared Service
  • Subject


  • Introduction to Server-Side Rendering
  • Angular Universal

Angular Testing

  • Introduction to Testing
  • Unit Testing with Karma and Jasmine


  • Angular Material
  • PrimeNG

Third Party Modules

  • Social Login
  • Pagination
  • Search
  • Filter
  • JWT Token
  • File Upload
  • Many More

Node Js

Introduction to Node.js

  • What is node.js
  • A word on event loop
  • Event driven architecture
  • Blocking vs non-blocking code
  • Node Process Model
  • Setup node.js
  • Node REPL
  • Debugging node.js app

Modules in JS

  • Understanding exports and require
  • Creating modules
  • Importing modules
  • Quick tour on NPM
  • Installing 3rd party modules

Events & streams

  • Significance of Events
  • Event Emitter class
  • Emitting and listening to events
  • Types of streams
  • Working with streams
  • Composing streams using pipe

Working with Process and File System

  • Process object
  • Handling exceptions at process level
  • Listening to process events
  • Working with file system using fs module
  • Creating, Copying, Deleting files
  • Creating, Copying, Deleting directories
  • Watching for file changes


  • Building a Web Server
  • HTTP Request Methods, Headers
  • Response Codes and Headers

Express Js

Expressjs Introduction & Setup

  • Building a Web Server
  • HTTP Request Methods, Headers
  • Response Codes and Headers
  • Serving static files with express
  • Express application generator


  • Route Methods
  • Route Paths
  • Parameterized Routes
  • Route Handlers
  • Express Router


  • Types of middleware
  • Application
  • Router
  • Error
  • Built-in
  • Third-party
  • Error middleware
  • Body parser, cors , cookie parser, session management

Template Engines

  • What are template engines
  • EJS
  • Jade
  • Handlebars

Expressjs security

  • Authentication
  • JWT
  • Securing routes
  • Debugging in Express
  • Realtime programming with

Expressjs security

  • Authentication
  • JWT
  • Securing routes
  • Debugging in Express
  • Realtime programming with


Introduction to MongoDB

  • Installing MongoDB
  • The current SQL/NoSQL landscape
  • Document-oriented vs. other types of storage
  • Mongo's featureset
  • Common use-cases
  • MongoDB databases
  • MongoDB Collections
  • MongoDB Documents

CRUD Operations in Mongodb

  • Creating documents
  • insert()
  • update()
  • save()
  • Querying documents
  • find()
  • Working with equality
  • Query operators
  • Building complex queries
  • Updating documents
  • Deleting documents
  • Limit
  • Order By

Introduction to Mongoose

  • Word on ORM/ODM
  • Installing mongoose
  • Connecting to MongoDB from mongoose

Core concepts of Mongoose

  • Understanding mongoose schemas and datatypes
  • Working with Models
  • Using modifiers in schema
  • Using virtual fields
  • Optimizing query performance by enabling indexes

Mean Application Deployment

  • Build Application
  • Deploy in Heroku
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