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A Training That Makes You the Best in Technical Field

We provide you the real time production training in animation, VFX, Maya, Web Designing. which is relevant, practical and industry level. Our students will have the support, ideas and encouragement from experienced practioners, visiting lecturers and professionals.


  • The Structure Tags
  • Components of the HTML Code
  • Getting Started With HTML
  • Writing the Code

Head Elements

  • HTML Tags
  • HEAD Tags
  • Title Tags
  • Body Tag
  • Displaying a web page in a web Browser

Block Oriented Elements

  • Defining Paragraphs and new Lines
  • Inserting Spaces
  • Perforating the Text
  • FONT Tag
  • Changing Background Colour


  • Ordered List
  • Unordered List
  • Definition List

Attributes of List

  • Using Type attribute with Unordered list
  • Using Stat attribute with Ordered List
  • Some other elements
  • Visual Markup

Uniform Resource Locators

  • Types of URLs
  • Absolute URLs
  • Relative URLs
  • Document-Relative URLs
  • Server-relative URLs

Hypertext Links

  • Why links fail?


  • Adding Images
  • Adding Border to an image


  • Adding Border to a Table
  • Apply Formatting Features to Table
  • Spanning Columns and Rows
  • Align Data in Table

Frames Forms

  • CGI Script
  • Creating a Form

Adding Special Characters Introduction to style Sheets

  • How style sheets work
  • Style Sheet Structure

Changing the Background

  • Changing the color of the text
  • Changing the front
  • Changing the Indent of the text
  • Changing the Line Spacing
  • Hide a Style Sheet

Creating Style Classes

  • Div
  • Span
  • Layer
  • Meta

Add Audio and Video in Web Page

  • Audio in Web Page
  • Video

Introduction to Dreamweaver MX

  • The Designer Workspace
  • The Code Workspace
  • Introduction to Panels and Toolbars
  • Defining a Local Site
  • Managing Site Info
  • Viewing the code Inspector

Designing Your Page

  • Setting Page Properties
  • Inserting Text and Setting Their Properties
  • Inserting Images
  • Inserting a Horizontal Rule
  • Inserting Email Link
  • Insetting Special Characters
  • Spell Checking
  • Saving the File
  • Saving and Previewing the Files

Introducing Tables

  • Fundamentals of HTML Tables
  • Inserting Tables in Dreamweaver
  • Selecting Table Properties
  • Nested Ta

Working with Anchors

  • Creating a Named Anchor
  • Linking a Named Anchor Externally
  • Linking a Named Anchor Internally

Introducing Framesets

  • Creating Frames and Framesets
  • Predefined Frameset
  • Create a Predefined Frameset/li>
  • Designing a Frameset
  • Setting Framework Properties
  • Setting a Title
  • Insert Content into Frames
  • Saving Frame and Frameset Files
  • Saving a Frameset
  • Saving a Document that Appears in a
  • Frame
  • Nested framesets
  • Selecting Frame in the Frames Panel
  • Selecting Frameset in the Frames Panel
  • Exercise

Style Sheets

  • Style Sheets
  • External style sheets
  • Internal Style sheets
  • Embedded style rules
  • Styles and their Attributes
  • Type Category
  • Background Category
  • Block Category
  • Box Category
  • Border Category
  • Positioning Category
  • Extensions Category
  • Creating HTML Style Sheet
  • Creating a Style Sheet
  • Creating External Style Sheet
  • Linking to an External Style Sheet
  • Defining Style Sheet in a Document
  • Exercise

Forms at a Glance

  • Inserting a Form
  • Forms Panel in the Insert bar
  • Form Objects
  • Using Text Fields
  • Setting the Form Using Tables
  • Exercise


  • Using the Behaviors Panel
  • Using Some Standard Behavior
  • Call JavaScript
  • Change Property
  • Go to URL
  • Check Plugin
  • Control Shockwave or Flash
  • Drag Layer
  • Open Browser Window
  • Popup Message
  • Show-Hide Layers
  • Inserting Rollover Images
  • Creating a Rollover Image
  • Inserting Navigation Bar
  • Inserting a Navigation Bar
  • Exercise

Media Elements

  • Inserting Media Elements
  • Creating Flash buttons
  • Media Element Properties
  • Commands Menu
  • Creating a Command
  • Templates
  • Creating a TemplatE
  • Inserting an Editable Regions
  • Inserting an Editable Template Region
  • Selecting Editable Regions
  • Removing an Editable Region
  • Locked Region
  • Repeating Region
  • Optional Region
  • Applying a Template
  • Applying a Template
  • Nested Templates
  • Exercise


  • Introduction to Flash 8
  • Stating Flash 8
  • Flash 8 Workspace
  • The Stage
  • Tools
  • The Selection Tool
  • Using the Selection Tool to reshape objects
  • The Sub selection Tool
  • The Free Transform Tool
  • The Gradient Transform Tool
  • Drawing Straight Lines with Line Tool
  • The Lasso Tool
  • The Pen Tool
  • Setting Pen Tool Preferences
  • Creating a Straight Line Path
  • Creating a Curved Path
  • Modifying paths created with Pen tools
  • The Text Tool
  • Drawing Oval and Circles with the Oval Tools
  • The Pencil Tool
  • Painting with the Brush Tool
  • Fills and Outlines
  • Using the Property Inspector to set thefill and outline attributes
  • Using the tools to Modify the Fill and Stroke
  • The Paint Bucket Tool
  • Zooming
  • Zooming using the Zoom Tool
  • Timeline
  • Layers in Flash
  • The Properties of layer
  • Insert Layer Creating a Layer
  • Deleting a Layer
  • Insert a Layer Folders
  • The Property Inspector
  • Alignment Panel
  • Applying Locked Gradient as a Fill
  • Info Panel
  • Transform Panel
  • Library Panel
  • Exercise

File Management

  • Open a New File
  • Save a File
  • Save as Template
  • Import
  • Export Movie and Export Image
  • Export Image
  • Publishing a Flash Movie
  • Publish
  • Publish Setting
  • The Concept of Convert the Bitmap to a vector art with Trace Bitmap
  • Combine Objects
  • Exercise

Concept of Animation

  • The Pencil Tool
  • Animation
  • Persistence of Vision
  • Concept of Story Boarding
  • The Concept of Frame-by-Frame Animation
  • The Key Frame, Static Frame and Blank Key Frame
  • Inserting Frames, Keyframes of Blank frames
  • Deleting Frames
  • Deleting Key Frames
  • The Concept of FPS (Frames Per Second)
  • NTSC
  • PAL
  • The Concept of Tweening Animation
  • The use of Shape Tweening Aimation
  • Shape Tweening Text
  • Animating Gradient Colors
  • The Movement of Gradient Color with the help of Gradient Transform Tool
  • Shape Hint
  • Shape Tween Properties
  • Ease Setting
  • Blend Setting
  • The use of Break Apart
  • Distribute to Layers
  • Exercise

All About Symbols and Library

  • Creating Symbols
  • Converting an Existing Object into a Symbol
  • Creating a New Symbol
  • Editing Symbols
  • Edit in Symbol-Editing Mode
  • Edit in Place
  • Edit in a New Window
  • Modifying the Symbol properties
  • Modifying the Instance of a Symbol
  • Color
  • Using the Library
  • Working with Folders in the Library Panel
  • Sorting Items in the Library Panel
  • Deleting Items in Library Panel
  • Adding Front Symbol in the Library Panel
  • Adding Video in the Library Panel
  • Motion Tween with Change of Position, Rotation, and Scale
  • Rotating Objects
  • Working with the Custom Ease In / Ease Out Feature
  • Moving an Object along a defined path using Motion Guide
  • Creating Masking Effects
  • Moving a text using Motion Tweening
  • Adding Sound Overview
  • Importing Sounds
  • Adding Sound to a Movie
  • Exercise

Character Animation

  • Timeline effect
  • Working with Time Effects in the Transform / Transition Categories
  • Working with Timeline Effects in the Assistant category
  • Working with Timeline Effects in the Effects Category
  • Using the Drop Shadow Effect
  • Filter
  • Exercise

The Concept of Button

  • Creating a Button
  • The Concept of creating a Project
  • How to optimize the Flash Project?
  • The Concept of Steaming
  • Scene
  • Create Projects in Different Scenes
  • Motion Tweening
  • Motion Guide
  • Motion Tweening Text
  • Creating Masking Effect
  • Onion Skin
  • Exercise

The Concept of Action Script

  • The Concept of ActionScript
  • Modes of ActionScript
  • The Concept of Apply action on Frame, Button and Movie-Clip
  • The Concept of Action
  • The Concept of Event
  • How Are Events Responsible for the Execution of an Action?
  • Basic Action
  • FS Command
  • The Concept of a Variable
  • Load Movie
  • Navigate TOURL Function
  • Start Drag and Stop Drag
  • Removing a Movie Clip
  • Concept of Object
  • Flash Shortcut Keys
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