RESTful Web APIs with Spring

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RESTful Web APIs with Spring LiveLessons demonstrates how to write REST services, and manage, secure and consume them using Spring Boot.


REST has enabled people to build mobile applications that capture our imagination, entertain us, and help us. REST has ushered in a generation of incredibly sophisticated, HTML5-powered browser applications. REST has also made it easier for organizations to adopt a service-oriented architecture with less friction.

REST’s flexibility, however, can also be its greatest weakness: as often as not there is no clear guidance on where to go and how to get there. What does it mean to deploy a REST service? How do you handle errors in a REST service? What's the easiest way to write a REST service?

Spring Developer Advocate Josh Long discusses and demonstrates strategies for securing REST API access along with handling errors and versioning. These LiveLessons also cover how hypermedia and HATEOAS help you to deliver developer and consume friendly web services.

About the Instructor

Josh Long is an open-source developer and the Spring developer Advocate at Pivotal.

He is the author of four books and is the author of Spring Framework LiveLessons. Josh has spoken at many different industry conferences internationally including TheServerSide Java Symposium, SpringOne, OSCON, JavaZone, Devoxx, Java2Days and many others. When he’s not hacking on code for SpringSource, he can be found at the local Java User Group or at the local coffee shop. Josh likes solutions that push the boundaries of the technologies that enable them. His interests include scalability, BPM, grid.processing, mobile computing and so-called "smart" systems. He blogs at or

You can follow Josh on Twitter: @starbuxman

Josh Long’s Spring Framework LiveLessons provides a walking tour of all of the Spring projects, including: Spring, Spring MVC, Spring Data, Spring Batch, Spring Integration, Spring Security, Spring Social, and more.

Skill Level

  • Intermediate


What You Will Learn

  • Spring and Spring Boot
  • How to build a REST service using Spring
  • How to embrace hypermedia with Spring HATEOAS
  • How to secure a REST API
  • What's involved in deploying a micro service


Who Should Take This Course

  • Developers who want to jump on board the REST bandwagon.
  • REST is the key to enabling mobile and HTML5 applications.
  • REST is the technology that lets you play in a distributed, multi client world.


Course Requirements

  • Some familiarity with basic Java is assumed.


Table of Contents


Lesson 1: Starting with Spring


1.1 Spring IO

1.2 Website and Resources

1.3 Spring 4

1.4 Spring Boot

Lesson 2: Testing


2.1 Testing with Spring Boot

Lesson 3: Spring MVC


3.1 Model-View-Controller

3.2 Installing Spring MVC

3.3 A Rich Servlet Toolkit

Lesson 4: REST Essentials


4.1 What is REST?

4.2 HTTP Verbs

4.3 Status Codes

4.4 Content Negotiation

4.5 Some REST Power Tools

Lesson 5: Towards Hpyermedia


5.1 The Maturity Model—Basic REST

5.2 Building a Basic RESTful Service


5.4 Spring Data REST

Lesson 6: Testing Web Services with Spring MVC Test Framework


6.1 Testing

Lesson 7: Error Handling


7.1 Handling Errors in a REST API

7.2 Status Codes

7.3 Descriptive Errors

7.4 Using @ControllerAdvice

Lesson 8: API Versioning


8.1 Versioning Your API

Lesson 9: Security


9.1 Spring Security

9.2 Securing REST Services

9.3 SSL and TLS

9.4 The Trouble with Passwords

9.5 X-Auth

9.6 OAuth

Lesson 10: The Connected Web of APIs


10.1 A Connected World in 60 Seconds

10.2 Spring Social

10.3 Spring Social Bindings — Demo 1

10.4 Spring Social Bindings — Demo 2

Lesson 11: Deployment


11.1 Micro Service Architecture

11.2 Embedded Web Servers

11.3 Traditional / Classic Servers

11.4 Cloud

11.5 Production Ready REST

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