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In Spring Security LiveLessons, learn from Spring experts Rob Winch, Spring Security project lead, and Josh Long, Spring developer advocate. Rob and Josh will teach you how to leverage both built-in and custom authentication and authorization in Spring Security. They also discuss the common exploits and how Spring Security can defend against them, how to easily test a Spring Security application, and how to properly design your code.

Skill Level

Learn How To
* Leverage both built-in and custom authentication
* Leverage both built-in and custom authorization
* Use Spring Security to defend against common exploits
* Easily test a Spring Security application
* Properly design your code

 Who Should Take This Course
* Developers who know they need to address security upfront but struggle with how to do so
* Developers who know they don’t know enough about security and would happily embrace industry-proven solutions to take the shortcut to production
* Developers who want to level up their security practices and bring them to the modern age

Course Requirements
* Experience programming with Java, Spring, and Spring Boot
* Previous Web application development experience

Course Detail
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