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Techie's world is the most unsettled field. Each and every moment updates are coming to cope up with the highly demanding market. Oracle app too has no escape. ORACLE APPS XG is upgraded to ORACLE XII. We, at DUCAT provide updated training in Oracle App's R12 Technical. Oracle is the Object-Relational Database Management system gives back-end designing solution for Database. Presently it's the most reliable system in the market due to its simplicity. DUCAT provides excellent application oriented program on Oracle App's R12 Technical over many institutes which still based on ORACLE APPS R12 Technical. Our highly qualified trainers give flawless techniques for difficult concepts. Unlike many training centers erected over recent past, DUCAT plans perfectly balanced theory and practical sessions to face the market demand. As, developing strong fundamental is our main motto, we give sufficient knowledge on prerequisite languages like SQL and PLSQL to make your life easy. Trainers in DUCAT having whopping industrial experience are the most demanding engineers in the market, known for their practical oriented session followed by witty lectures. Without considering, hit DUCAT today to get the best professional experience with genuine knowledge and polish your technical skill.

General Introduction

  • Know How Of ERP
  • Version Of Oracle Apps 11i
  • Comparison of 11i and R 12
  • Module Of Oracle Application
  • Profile Of ERP Consultant
  • Frond end And Back end Of Apps
  • Introduction to Tnsnames.ora and Host Files
  • Oracle Application Architecture
  • Oracle Application File System

AOL(Application Object Library)

  • Navigation Path
  • How to Create User In ERP
  • How To Assign Responsibility To the User
  • How to attached buyer to user
  • How to disable user
  • How to add an remove responsibility assign to user
  • Name of table in which user stored


  • Navigation Path
  • What is responsibility
  • What are the three main components of responsibility
  • How to exclude menu and function from responsibility
  • How to disable responsibility
  • Name of the table in which responsibility stored

Table Registeration

  • How to Register custom table & Column
  • How to check to register table in front end
  • Importance of WHO column

User Exists Form

  • Overview Template
  • Overview Appstand
  • Implementing LOV
  • Implementing ROW LOV
  • Implementing Master Details
  • Implementing Query Find

Application Developer

  • Create Menu
  • Create Function
  • How to attached a form in menu
  • Form Registration

Concurrent Program

  • Requests
  • Define request Group
  • Value Set
  • Reports
  • Difference between D2k Reports and apps reports
  • Register the PL/SQL Procedure in apps
  • Define Request Sets


  • Developed DFF form
  • Enable DFF in the form


  • Introduction
  • Chart of account
  • Calender
  • Currency Define Conversion Rates
  • Set Of Books
  • Periods
  • Journals, advance journal entries & posting

Interface (GL)

  • Inbound Interface
  • Outbound Interface
  • Prepared MD200 Docments
  • Profile Options
  • Oracle alerts
  • multi org setup
  • Concept FTP
  • Unix Commands
  • Forms Personalization
  • XML/BL Publisher Overview
  • Workflow Builder Overview
  • Discoverer Tool Overview
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