Palo Alto Networks training provides the next-generation firewall knowledge you need to secure your network and safely enable applications. This course feature lecture and hands-on labs, you will learn to install, configure, manage and troubleshoot Palo Alto Networks firewalls, gaining the skills and expertise needed to protect your organization from the most advanced cybersecurity attacks.

Platforms and Architecture

  • Single Pass Architecture
  • Flow Logic
  • Designing your PAN in the Network

Initial Configuration

  • Initial Access to the PAN and Account Administration
  • Overview of Dashboard and Configuration Management
  • Licensing and Software Updates

Interface Configuration

  • Security Zones
  • Layer2, Layer3, Virtual Wire and Tap
  • Sub Interfaces and virtual routers

IP Routing

  • Static and Default Routing
  • Routing with OSPF and BGP
  • Policy Based Forwarding

Security and NAT policies

  • Security Policy configuration
  • Filtering based on Protocol and Port
  • Overview of Application Inspection
  • Filtering based on Applications
  • Creating Service Objects
  • Creating Service Groups
  • Testing Security Rules
  • Network Address Translation (Source and Destination)

SSL Decryption

  • Certificate management
  • Creating and Installing Certificate
  • Decryption policy
  • Application database and Categories

URL Filtering

  • URL Filtering (Block and Continue)
  • Custom Block page and URL Category

File Blocking (Google Mail)

  • Firewall Policy and Profile
  • Decryption Policy
  • Testing File Blocking
  • Monitoring File Blocking
  • Monitoring Decryption
  • Testing when changing the file type

Anti Virus

  • Anti-Virus Profile and Firewall policy
  • Decryption Policy
  • Testing Anti-Virus Blocking (Non-Secure, Secure web pages)

Site to Site VPN

  • Configuring Site to Site VPN (Ipsec Tunnels)
  • VPN configuration Between CISCO Router and Palo Alto

User Identification using Active Directory (without an Agent)

  • Configuration on Active Directory Domain Controller
  • User Identification Configuration on PAN appliance
  • Creating security policies
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Considerations when using User-ID

Captive Portal

  • Review of LDAP profile and Authentication Profile
  • User Identification
  • Security and Captive Policies
  • testing and Monitoring

Management, Reporting, and Logging

  • Log Forwarding (SyslogServer) and SNMP
  • Viewing Traffic Reports for top Talkers and Applications
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