People wishing to have PLC SCADA (3 months) training must come to DUCAT. For any IT related training DUCAT is the best. The training imparted is fully professional and it's needless to say that after training the trainees become experts in the field. PLC SCADA (3 months) training is regarding PLC and SCADA. PLC has been in for more than 30 years but its role was only in simple sequence control and interlocking. Later on PID control became a part of PLC. With the advent of NT-based Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, SCADA, PLC took a new life. The training imparted by DUCAT is unique in all respect. It lets the trainee understand the fundamental basic of PLC, Identify the basic components, employ basic and advanced programming, carry out installation audit. The training makes one capable of performing program maintenance and quality measurement. The imparted training also makes the trainee recognize the different components of SCADA system; investigate the requirement for SCADA software and also to evaluate the requirements for PLC to SCADA communications. Though the training is conducted within 3 months it is done in such a way that it covers each and every aspect of PLC SCADA. The faculties that are involved in training at DUCAT are all experts in this field of PLC SCADA. They impart the training in such a way that the trainee after the training themselves become experts. The faculties create stimulations and testing programs so that the trainees get a firsthand experience in this subject.

PLC, SCADA Programming

  • Digital Electronics Basics
  • PLC Fundamentals, PLC Hardw are & Architecture
  • Wiring Different field Devices to PL C
  • Creating applications with Progr amming Software
  • Programming Languages, Basic Instructions
  • Load/and/or/out/and Read/W rite instructions
  • Compare/Add/Sub/And/or – blocks instructions
  • Move, File Handling, Timer , Counter block
  • Master control/set/reset function
  • Advance Instructions
  • Upload/Download/Monitoring of progr ams
  • Forcing of I/Os, Fault finding/troubleshooting & documentation
  • Monitoring/Modifying Data table v alues
  • Communication with SCADA softw are
  • Hands on experience on real time applications

Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition

  • Introduction to SCADA softw are
  • Creating New SCADA Project
  • Creating database of Tags
  • Creating & Editing Graphic displa y
  • Attaching controls to graphic objects sizing, Blinking, Filling
  • Analog Entry, Movement of objects, Visibilit y
  • Real time & Histrocial T rending
  • Creating Alarms & Events
  • Application of scripts
  • Communication with PL C/excel/different protocols
  • Net DDE Communication
  • Fault finding/Troubleshooting

Variable Speed Drives & Motors

  • AC motors, oper ations & limitations
  • Motor Starters : DOL, Star-Delta, A uto Transformer
  • Motor control circuits, interlocking circuits
  • Introduction to AC drives & applications
  • Criteria for drives selection
  • Parameter programming
  • Designing of drive control panel
  • Communication with PLC, SCADA softw are
  • Fault finding/troubleshooting.
  • Soft starters & their adv antages over conventional starters

Panel Designing & Auto Cad

  • Introduction to switch gears & accessories
  • Basics of control & power dr awings
  • General protection involved in panel
  • Load management (connected load, running load, load factor)
  • Indications (Ammeter , Volt Meter , PF & KW Meter etc.)
  • Preparation of general arrangement diagr ams, busbar sizing
  • Electrical Protection
  • Preparation of power & control circuits
  • General wiring guidelines/practices
  • Maintenance & troubleshooting of control circuits in liv e panels
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