DUCAT is a training institute which offers proficient technical courses of various natures. Anyone who pursues to study PRO-E this is the organization that they should go. The course presented by us is in depth and suits every talent level. In this course, we will center on education of core-modeling competency. Subjects include are sketching, part modeling, sophisticated modeling tools, assemblies, drawings, surfacing, sheet metal and depiction methods. So, this knowledge combination is a must for one who wishes to have a permanent carrier in IT field. PRO-E is planned in such a way that it makes anyone the most appropriate in IT technology field. The training process in DUCAT is made in such a way that it integrates all aspects of PRO-E. It gives the same weight age to all. So, after the education one becomes an expert in all aspects and becomes a specialist. The trainers at DUCAT are the most qualified in this field. They share their know-how in such a way that the trainees too become aspecialist. The teaching makes you the first choice for employees. The procedure of training gives you plentifulopening to apply for IT based job and make you excel.


  • Introduction to the Pro/ENGINEER wildfire Basic Modeling Process
  • Understanding Pro/ENGINEER Concepts
  • Using the Pro/ENGINEER Interface
  • Creating Sketcher Geometry
  • Using Sketcher tools
  • Creating Sketches for features
  • Advanced Sketching
  • Creating Extrudes , Revoles , and Ribs
  • Selecting and Editing
  • Creating datum features : Planes and Axis
  • Creating Sweeps and Blends
  • Advanced Blends
  • Creating holes and shells
  • Advanced hole creation
  • Advanced shells
  • Creating Round and chamferes
  • Advance round and chameres
  • Drafts
  • Helical Sweeps
  • Swept Blends
  • Creating Patterns
  • Group , Copy , and Mirror Tools
  • Measuring and Inspectng Models
  • Relations and Parameters
  • Family Tables
  • Reusing Features
  • Assembling with Constraints
  • Exploding Assemblies
  • Surface Features
  • Invastigating parent /child Relationships
  • Creating Drawing Views
  • Creating Dreawing Details
  • Introduction to sheet metal design , primary walls , secondary and unattached walls
  • Unbend , bend back and cuts , punches
  • Sheetmetal forms bend features
  • Unbending sheetmetal geometry
  • Converting solid parts , additional features interrotating the sheet metal model
  • Real Time Rendering
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