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Are you Looking Best Institute for PRO E Training Course in Noida? DUCAT is the pioneer of education. It provides the best CREO pro-e training in Noida as per the current market requirement that allows students to land on their dream jobs in companies worldwide. DUCAT provides best CREO Pro-E Training Course in Noida.

At DUCAT PRO E training in Noida is conducted by subject specialist corporate professionals with 10 + year of experience in managing real time PRO E projects. DUCAT provides training designed for students, Under Graduates, Post Graduates, Working experts and Freelancers.

DUCAT training comprises of both classrooms as well as practical sessions to deliver an ideal environment for students that will allow them to manage the difficult and complex situation when they will step into the reality of the IT firm.

What is PRO E?

PRO/ENGINEER is a computer graphic system for modelling various mechanical designs and for performing associated design and producing operations. The system uses a 3D modelling system as the core and applies the feature based parametric modelling method.

In short, PRO/ENGINEER is a feature based, parametric solid modelling framework with few extended design and producing applications.

Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire is a huge designing software that shows the students to function based 3D parametric strong modeling utilizing the Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire application.

The program assures all important surroundings of Pro/ENGINEER Wild fire with a thorough definition of orders, choices, and their codes to make real-world products. Also, the customer will understand the modifying methods that are important to create an effective style.

PRO/ENGINEER was the first CAD system completely based upon feature based design and parametric modelling. Today most software producers have identified the advantage of this approach and shifted their product onto this platform.

Pro/ENGINEER is established on a single data structure, with the perform to create change built into the system Therefore when a change is made the ability to make change develop into the system. Thus, when a change is made anywhere in the development process, it is propagated throughout the entire design-through-manufacturing process.

Pro/ENGINEER provides the ability Pro/ENGINEER can sketch directly on the solid model feature to draw now on the solid model, and feature placement is thus simple and accurate.

Why to Learn PRO E Training Course?

PRO E training course contains “learning by doing” using state of the art infrastructure for performing hands on exercise and real world simulations. This extensive hands on experience in PRO E training ensure that you absorb the knowledge and proficiency that you will require to apply at work after your placement in an MNC.

DUCAT is the perfect platform to execute software skills in Noida. Our specialized designed package provides in such a way that anyone can understand it and become the perfectionist of the application in terms of making Building views.

DUCAT Noida provides the excellent Pro E training in Noida. With experienced Pro E experts/trainers, who will facilitate students to understand Pro E by creating it a lightweight to the corporate rule that will support students to be prepared for the goal.

We are the most trusted PRO E training centre in Noida, offering practical job oriented knowledge. PRO E training is provided by specialist professionals with many years of Industrial experience of PRO E projects.

Why Choose DUCAT For PRO E Training in Noida?

  • DUCAT is an excellent CREO training institute in Noida with better integrated infrastructure and newly created labs for students to prepare and follow training for several courses at Noida.
  • DUCAT in Noida train thousands of students around the globe every year for the PRO E Training at an affordable cost which is customised as per each candidate’s requirement of modules and content.
  • DUCAT is one of the best PRO E training institute in Noida with 100% placement assistance.
  • DUCAT also provide fast track training programs for candidates and experts looking to update themselves immediately.
  • DUCAT is one of the best PRO E training institute in Delhi NCR. It is conducted during all 5 days, and special weekend classes can also be arranged and scheduled.
  • At DUCAT Pro E Training in Noida is conducted by professionals with years of experience in managing real time Pro E projects.
  • DUCAT offers Pro E Training in various modes involving Pro E Online Training, Lecture room Training, Pro E Corporate Training, Fast Track Training and one to one training.
  • DUCAT have a decent record for placing our candidates and have been placed in many IT organizations and progressive start up organizations.
  • Our course is designed for beginners and provide hands on practice where students can focus on solving Pro E concepts efficiently.
  • Our motto is to focus on developing a learning environment with comparatively fewer fees, strict, well-defined course structures, well equipped training labs, and world class infrastructure that helps students achieve better learning.
  • DUCAT is the leader in placing students in the top multinational companies like IBM, Tech Mahindra, Nagarro, Edunext, HCL, Wipro and many more.
  • DUCAT also provides its candidate with a dedicated placement team that assists and offers numerous opportunities for the candidate throughout its training period.
  • DUCAT provides 24 x 7 internet facility.
  • Internships are also available in DUCAT.

How DUCAT Provide Placement Assistance?

DUCAT is one of the best training institutes. It is designed this training module in such a manner which offers practical sessions to give trainee optimum exposure which helps in transforming Industrial job with Academic learning. Our experiences professions have created our PRO E Training syllabus to connect with the real world requirements and leading Industry norms.

DUCAT implements a sweet blend of a Pro E learning program and practical sessions to provide our students with optimum exposure that supports in the transformation of students into a professional.

Our experts are subject specialists and are up-to-date in the subject they have the ability to provide the best knowledge as they have continued to spend time in the market so far.

They are well connected with multinational companies by hiring Human Resource managers for supporting the placement as soon as possible. Our experts will help student/ understudies to develop the ability of current market norms and standards to achieve the outcome for their dream career.

While there are several institutes offering Pro E Training in Noida, DUCAT is one of the best Pro E training institutes in Noida with 100% placement provide. DUCAT have a decent record for placing our students and have been placed in many IT firms and progressive start-up organizations.


  • Introduction to the Pro/ENGINEER wildfire Basic Modeling Process
  • Understanding Pro/ENGINEER Concepts
  • Using the Pro/ENGINEER Interface
  • Creating Sketcher Geometry
  • Using Sketcher tools
  • Creating Sketches for features
  • Advanced Sketching
  • Creating Extrudes , Revoles , and Ribs
  • Selecting and Editing
  • Creating datum features : Planes and Axis
  • Creating Sweeps and Blends
  • Advanced Blends
  • Creating holes and shells
  • Advanced hole creation
  • Advanced shells
  • Creating Round and chamferes
  • Advance round and chameres
  • Drafts
  • Helical Sweeps
  • Swept Blends
  • Creating Patterns
  • Group , Copy , and Mirror Tools
  • Measuring and Inspectng Models
  • Relations and Parameters
  • Family Tables
  • Reusing Features
  • Assembling with Constraints
  • Exploding Assemblies
  • Surface Features
  • Invastigating parent /child Relationships
  • Creating Drawing Views
  • Creating Dreawing Details
  • Introduction to sheet metal design , primary walls , secondary and unattached walls
  • Unbend , bend back and cuts , punches
  • Sheetmetal forms bend features
  • Unbending sheetmetal geometry
  • Converting solid parts , additional features interrotating the sheet metal model
  • Real Time Rendering
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