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Python with SELENIUM Training

Selenium supports Python and thus can be utilized with Selenium for testing.Python is easy compared to other programming languages, having far less verbose. The Python APIs empower you to connect with the browser through Selenium. Selenium sends the standard Python commands to different browsers, despite variation in their browser's design.

Setup and Configuration

  • Python Installation in Windows
  • Configuration of python in window
  • Package Management using PIP
  • IDE Option for Python Development
  • Installing ipython

Understanding Variable and Data Types

  • python Terminal Walkthrough
  • Understanding Objects and References
  • Variables Rules
  • Number Data types and Math Operation
  • Number - Exponentiations and Modulo
  • Arithmetic order of precedence
  • Boolean Data Types
  • Working with Strings
  • String Method Part - 1
  • String Method Part - 2
  • More String Slicing and Indexing
  • String Formatting
  • Advanced Data types

    • List and Accessing the Element
    • List Methods
    • Working With Dictionary
    • Nested Dictionary
    • Dictionary Methods
    • Working with tuple

    Comparison and Boolean Operators

    • Working with comparators
    • Understanding Boolean Operators
    • Boolean Operator and Order of Precedence

    Comparison and Boolean Operators

    • Working with comparators
    • Understanding Boolean Operators
    • Boolean Operator and Order of Precedence

    Program Control Flow

    • Conditional Logic - If Else Condition
    • While Loop Demo
    • Break Continue and While / Else
    • For Loop Demo
    • Iterating Multiple List - Using the zip function
    • Using Range function in for loop

    Function/Method-Working with reusable code

    • Understanding Method
    • Working with return value
    • Working with positional / optional parameter
    • Understanding Variable Scope
    • More Built in Function

    Classes Object Oriented Programming

    • Understanding Object and Class
    • Create your Own Object
    • Create your own Methods
    • Inheritance
    • Method Overriding

    Exception Handling

    • Exception Handling Demo
    • finally, and Else Block


    • Built in Modules
    • Create Own Module

    Working with files

    • How to write data into a file
    • How to read a File
    • File Handling "With" and "As" Keyword

    How to Inspect Elements Different Browsers - Add-Ons

    • Introduction
    • How To Inspect Elements Using Firefox DevTools
    • Firefox Add-On - Try XPath
    • How To Inspect Elements Using Chrome DevTools
    • Chrome Extension - Part 1
    • Chrome Extension - Part 2
    • Tricks To Generate XPath
    • Fire Path Fans -> If you want to use Fire Path

    Selenium WebDriver -> Setup and Installation

    • Selenium WebDriver Installation - Windows
    • Selenium 3.x Update
    • Selenium WebDriver 3.x Gecko Driver Setup - Windows

    Selenium WebDriver -> Running Tests on Various Browsers

    • Running Tests on Firefox
    • Running Tests on Google Chrome - Windows
    • Requirements to Run Tests On IE
    • Running Tests on Internet Explorer
    • Requirements to Run Tests On Safari
    • Running Tests on Safari

    Selenium WebDriver -> Finding Elements

    • Understanding Elements And DOM
    • Find Element by Id and Name
    • Understanding Dynamic Ids and Selenium Exception
    • Find Element by XPath And CSS Selectors
    • Find Element by Link Text
    • Find Element by Class Name and Tag Name
    • Understanding "By" Class
    • How to Find List of Elements

    CSS Selectors - Advanced Locators

    • Using Ids With CSS Selectors To Find Elements
    • How To Use Multiple CSS Classes To Find Elements
    • Using Wildcards With CSS Selectors
    • How To Find Child Nodes Using CSS Selectors

    Xpath - Advanced Locators

    • Difference Between Absolute And Relative Xpath
    • How to Build An Effective Xpath
    • Using Text To Build An Effective Xpath
    • Build Xpath Using Contains Keyword
    • Build Xpath Using Starts-With Keyword
    • How To Find Parent and Sibling Nodes

    Selenium WebDriver -> Working with Web Elements

    • Browser Interactions Introduction
    • Browser Interaction
    • How To Click And Type On A Web Element
    • How To Find The State Of A Web Element (Disabled And Enabled Elements)
    • Radio Buttons And Checkboxes
    • Working With Elements List
    • Understanding Dropdown Elements
    • Working With A Dropdown Element
    • How To Work With Hidden Elements
    • Working With Hidden Elements

    Selenium WebDriver -> Useful Methods and Properties

    • How To Get The Text On Element
    • How To Get Value Of Element Attribute
    • Generic Method To Find Elements
    • How To Check If Element Is Present
    • How To Build Dynamic XPath

    Selenium WebDriver -> Wait Types

    • Implicit Wait Vs Explicit Wait
    • Implicit Wait
    • Explicit Wait
    • Generic Method To Work With Explicit Wait

    Selenium WebDriver -> Advanced

    • Calendar Selection Introduction
    • Calendar Selection
    • AutoComplete Introduction
    • AutoComplete
    • How To Take Screenshots
    • Generic Method To Take Screenshots
    • Executing JavaScript Commands
    • How To Find Size Of The Window
    • How To Scroll Element Into View

    Selenium WebDriver -> Switch Window and Iframes

    • How To Switch Window Focus
    • Switch To Window
    • How To Work With IFrames
    • Switch To IFrame
    • Handling JavaScript Popup

    Selenium WebDriver -> Working with Actions Class

    • Mouse Hover Actions
    • How to Drag And Drop Element On A Web Page
    • Working with Sliders Actions

    Logging Infrastructure

    • Introduction To Logging Infrastructure
    • Changing The Format Of Logs
    • Logger - Console Example
    • Logger - Configuration File Example
    • How to Write A Generic Custom Logger Utility

    Unit test Infrastructure

    • Unittest Introduction
    • Writing First Test Case
    • How to Implement Class Level Setup and Teardown Methods
    • How to Assert A Test Method
    • How to Run Code from Terminal
    • How to Create A Test Suite

    Pytest -> Advanced Testing Framework

    • Pytest Installation and First Script
    • Pytest Naming Conventions
    • How to Work with PyTest Fixtures
    • Pytest Fixture Update
    • Multiple Ways to Run Test Cases
    • Important Note for Next Lecture
    • Conftest -> Common Fixtures to Multiple Modules
    • How to Maintain Run Order of Tests
    • Running Tests Based on Command Line Arguments
    • Structure Tests in A Test Class
    • How to Return A Value from Fixtures
    • Install PyTest HTML Plugin
    • How to Generate HTML Test Report

    Automation Framework - Part 1

    • Automation Framework Introduction
    • Understanding Framework Structure
    • Test Scenario Without Framework
    • Important Note for Next Lectures - Windows
    • Convert Test Case to Page Object Model Framework
    • Refactor Your Page Object Class - Part 1
    • Build Your Custom Selenium Driver Class
    • Refactor Your Page Object Class - Part 2

    Automation Framework - Part 2

    • Add Logging to Automation Framework
    • How to Verify Test Case Result
    • Complete Login Page Test Cases
    • Create Conftest To Implement Common Setup Methods
    • Refactor Conftest *** Make Framework More Readable***

    Automation Framework - Part 3

    • How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution
    • How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution Part - 1
    • How To Assert Without Stopping Test Execution Part - 2
    • Implement Screenshots In A Framework
    • Taking Screenshots On Test Failure
    • BasePage And Util Concept Introduction
    • Inheriting BasePage Class

    Data Driven Testing

    • Setup And Configuration
    • Data Driven Testing
    • Utility To Read CSV Data
    • Multiple Data Sets Test Case
    • Running Complete Test Suite

    Running Complete Test Suite

    • How To Manage Navigation In Framework
    • Refactor Login Tests
    • How To Run A Test Suite
    • Running Test Suite On Chrome