Today's scenario- 90% of the automated robots serves in the companies to handle the dangerous materials. 50-60% robots are extensively present in the car manufacturing companies to do the basic stuff like assembling products, handling dangerous materials, polishing, cutting, spraying and inspecting the part. This wide application of the robots doesn't end here. The list is too long! By looking this wide application, it is easy to state that the robots are for precise and tough work. The man has its work zone and works in that field only but the robots don't have any restriction as it is mere a machine automated or manually controlled by the humans. To know or learn more, an individual has to be familiar with the trend of robotics. Robotics is wide and deals with integrating the system to produce the mechanical moment. To produce the mechanical motion, the robots must be program and planned but this trend has gone away. There is no more scene of guiding the robots, they are intelligent enough. As with growing opportunities in this sector, most of the students wish to seek the basic knowledge. DUCAT with all around is the only institute which offers a regular 6 months training program by the expertise faculties. This course mostly deals with programming and assembling of the parts to design a robot.


  • Brief idea of Embedded Systems & Industrial applications
  • Application/Area wise need of Embedded
  • Hardware classification for Embedded


  • Brief idea of Micro-controller/processor
  • Why Microcontroller?
  • Architecture of Microcontroller
  • System architecture – RISC, CISC, Harvard, Von-Neumann
  • Architecture of Microcontroller


  • Introduction classes
  • Conditional statements or looping
  • C – Array
  • C – Functions


  • Features of microcontroller
  • Pin out of microcontroller
  • GP I/O Port specification
  • Description about all Ports
  • Description about IDE for programming
  • Proteus Simulation for microcontroller
  • I/O programming using Embedded C
  • Led on/off programming
  • Delay generation through function
  • Led pattern programming
  • Sensor interfacing with microcontroller
  • Motor interfacing
  • 16x2 LCD Display

Advanced features of Microcontroller

  • ADC
  • Serial communication
  • Project as per Module
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