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Ducat provides real-time selenium training in Delhi NCR. Our selenium testing tool course includes basic to advanced level and our selenium course is designed to get the placement in good MNC companies in India as quickly as once you complete the Selenium training course. Our selenium trainers are selenium experts and experienced working professionals with hands on real time multiple Selenium projects knowledge. We have designed our selenium course content and syllabus based on students requirement to achieve everyone's career goal. In our selenium training program, you will learn Selenium tool Intro, Selenium IDE, Selenium Test Runner, Building and running Test Cases, Debugging, selenium real time project and selenium testing tool placement training.

JAVA Concept: 15 Hrs

  • Java Overview
  • Introduction of JRE and JVM Architecture
  • Object Oriented Programming Concept
  • Class and Object
  • Data Types and Variable
  • Operators
  • Decision Making
  • Arrays
  • Loops
  • Class Constructor
  • String Class
  • Access and Non-Access Modifier
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Exception Handling
  • FileInput and Output Streams
  • Methods
  • List and Set Interface
  • Package

Introduction: 4 Hrs

  • What is Automation Testing
  • Use of automation Testing
  • Tools for Automation Testing
  • Why automation is important for you career?
  • What is Selenium.
  • Advantage of Selenium.
  • History of Selenium.
  • Component of Selenium.
  • Architecture of Remote Control.
  • Architecture of WebDriver.
  • Architecture of GRID.
  • Differences between API's Vs GUI's.

Selenium IDE: 2 Hrs

  • Selenium IDE Introduction
  • Record and Playback with Firefox and Chrome
  • Debugging in Selenium IDE Script
  • Introduction Katalone Studio
  • Record and Playback through Katalone Studio

Set up Eclipse: 3 Hrs

  • Download and install java
  • Download and start Eclipse
  • /li>
  • Download and configure WebDriver java client
  • Set up a project
  • Create packages
  • Create a First Java test case
  • Import WebDriver Source file

WebDriver: 2 Hrs

  • WebDriver Interface
  • WebElement Interface
  • Launching Firefox browser

Browser & Navigation Commands: 2 Hrs

  • How to Open a URL
  • Verify Page title
  • Strategy to get the Page Source
  • Difference between Close & Quit
  • Ways to Navigate Back & Forward
  • How to Refresh Page
  • Another way of Navigating to specific Page

Locators: 6 Hrs

  • What are locators.
  • HTML Basics.
  • HTML language tags and attributes.
  • ID, Name, Xpath, CSS etc.
  • Difference between Absolute & Complete Xpath.
  • Finding your first element.
  • WebElement Commands.

Element Identification: 4 Hrs

  • Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
  • Element locator tool for Firefox Locator
  • Firebug&Fire Path Add-Ons in Mozilla
  • Various HTML locator strategies
  • XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
  • Selection of Effective Xpath
  • Handling Dynamic objects/ids on the page

Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons: 6 Hrs

  • Identify table rows and columns
  • Extracting values from a cell
  • Dynamically Identify Tables Data
  • Select class in Selenium
  • Drop Down Handle.
  • Select multiple values from the list
  • Select & Deselect operations by Index, Value & Visible Text.

Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows: 8 Hrs

  • Implicit and Explicit waits
  • How to use Expected Conditions with Waits
  • PageLoadTimeout & SetScriptTimeout property
  • Simple use of Thread Sleep
  • Concept of Fluent Wait in Selenium
  • WebDriverWait and its uses
  • Different WaitUntil Conditions
  • Ways to handle Simple, Confirmation & Prompt Alert
  • Concepts of Set Interface in Java
  • Difference between Window Handle & Handles
  • Switching & Closing Windows, Tabs & Popup's
  • Concept of window ID
  • Extracting window IDs with Selenium Object reference
  • JavaScriptExecutor Interface
  • Captured Screenshot
  • Cookies Handles

Action Class: 4 Hrs

  • What is Action Class & What can we do with Action Class
  • Mouse Hover & Mouse Movement with Action
  • Finding Coordinates of a Web Object
  • Drag and Drop Action

TestNG Framework: 6 Hrs

  • What is TestNG
  • Benefits and Features of TestNG
  • How to download TestNG
  • Annotations in TestNG
  • How to run Test Suite in TestNG
  • Groups in TestNG
  • Depend on in TestNG
  • Test Case sequencing in TestNG
  • TestNG Asserts
  • TestNG Parameters
  • Multi Browser testing in TestNG
  • Parallel testing in TestNG
  • Extent Report API

Cucumber : 5 Hrs

  • Introduction Cucumber
  • Using Cucumber
  • Gherkins Language
  • Creation of feature files and Step Definition
  • Introduction TDD and BDD
  • TDD Vs BDD
  • Version Control (GitHub Introduction)

Log4j Logging: 4 Hrs

  • Log4j Introduction
  • Download Log4J
  • Add Log4j Jar
  • Test Case with Log4j
  • Log4j Log Manager
  • Log4j Appenders
  • Log4j Loggers

Database Connections: 2 Hrs

  • Database connection
  • Database Testing in Selenium using MySql Server

Automation Framework: 10 Hrs

  • What is Automation Framework
  • Features of Automation Framework
  • Benefits of using Automation Framework
  • Different types of Automation Framework
  • What is Data Driven Framework
  • What is Modular Driven Framework
  • What is Keyword Driven Framework
  • Apache POI API
  • POI Setup and Configuration
  • Read and Write Excel file with Apache POI
  • POM (Page Object Model)
  • Page Factory

`Maven: 4 Hrs

  • Maven Introduction
  • Install Maven in Eclipse IDE
  • Install Maven on Windows
  • Install Maven on Mac
  • How to Create a New Maven Project
  • How to Create a New Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Configure Selenium Continuous Integration with Maven

Jenkins: 4 Hrs

  • Jenkins Introduction.
  • Selenium Integration with Jenkins.
  • Automation Test Script Development (Project Based) 15 Hrs

    • Analyzing Manual Test Script
    • Automation Test Script Development strategy
    • Development Test Script according to manual script

    Interview Preparation : 4 Hrs

    • Technical Interview Preparation
    • Mock interview Preparation
    • HR Session