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Are you Looking Best institute for Online Azure Training Course in Delhi? DUCAT offers Azure classes with live project by expert trainer in Delhi. Our Azure training program in Delhi is specially designed for Students, Under-Graduates, Graduates, Working Professionals and Freelancers.We provide end to end learning on Azure Domain with deeper dives for Creating a winning career for every profile.

What Is Azure

Azure is a public and private cloud computing platform. Microsoft Azure consist of an array of services that is free of cost and without any hardware installation. The services of Azure are used by IT professionals and developers to building, deploying, and manage applications. Microsoft Azure provide rapid development services which are hard to archive.

Companies using Azure Infrastructure will improve the organizational business plan at a very low cost. Some technologies are all supported by web applications, such as .net, python, PHP, and node.js. Azure was launched in February 2010. More than 70% of companies are using cloud computing services, and azure is highly demanding, and it provide a variety of services with the best quality of performance.

Azure Training

If you are looking for Azure training professional level, then ducat helps you build your career path with highly skilled, certified, and industrial expert trainers. Ducat is one of the most reputed training institutes in Delhi. After enrolling with Azure training in Delhi, we will prepare the trainees to become Professional industrial experts.

As the demand for Microsoft Azure cloud skills, salaries is also growing very fast. According to, Microsoft Azure cloud Architect salary is 12.000$ per year.

Types of Azure Cloud

There are three types of clouds in Azure:




PaaS: Programmers and network operators use the Azure system. In this, the client is given the platform on which to build and manage applications. It is one of Azure's fundamental principles that enable clients to concentrate on application creation rather than hardware and software. It also looks after problems with operating systems, networks, and databases.

SaaS: It is a standard version of the program used for features that can be scaled out for all clients. It also enables to achieve the best results in all locations like a monthly or yearly fee is required to use the app. Microsoft Exchange, Office, and Dynamics are all available as SaaS.

IaaS: IT managers use this Azure service for development, computing, servers, and other computer system services.

Features of Azure

Microsoft Azure is used in several applications are as follows:

Computing: It comprises Microsoft Azure Cloud Services, Azure Virtualization Software, Azure Portal, and Azure Digital Media, which use powerful computers to manage files in the database.

• Data: It is used to maintain information in the cloud, which can be configured to meet the needs.

• Networking: It connects to the cloud as well as on technology, such as Digital Platforms, the Azure Network Adapter, and the Azure Transport Planner.

Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a programmer service that helps teams plan their work, communicate on functional verification, and create and deliver applications. For instance, it have a rather simple program which the sole programmer can only change. The proposal will be processed to validate that once the assessment has been made, once the assessment has been finished effectively, this will be placed to operation. It will be extremely difficult to combine changes developed by foreign programmers, test the system, and eventually developing and deploying the implementation into operation. Therefore more developers we employ, the more convoluted the workflow will be; nevertheless, Azure DevOps can help with that complexities; both equipment and application can be deployed using Azure DevOps.


The growing demand for a career in cloud computing is an excellent reason to acquire a cloud certification. It will also gain better career opportunities in different sectors and locations. Also, certification offers many professional development options that can help you to archive your goals. Microsoft Azure certification is the leading cloud service provider certification which is Microsoft Azure Certification.

Ducat has multiple branches that provide Microsoft Azure Certification in Azure Training Institute. Microsoft Azure Certification validates and individuals cloud expertise and skills.



Stay Ahead of Your Competitors: In Azure Certification, validate your cloud skills in selected domains. You can earn credibility in a present or a future employee will not on Azure but your work on Azure you will have the skills you mention.

High Salary Package: Business buyers are estimated as Azure course certification has raised their wages by 20 to 40 percent. also announce that Azure course certification holders get a salary of 128,000$ per annum.

Flexible Career:

After completing the Azure certification, you can become a cloud architect, developer, solution architect or Artificial Engineer, and there are many options. After completing Azure certification, it enables you to work with different industries and different locations.

Types of Azure Certification

Microsoft Azure Certification have 4 levels of certification:

1- Fundamental level.

2- Associate level.

3- Expert Level.

4- Specialty level.

Different Azure certifications are based on Job roles.


Developer Certification: Design, Build and Test cloud solutions.

DevOps Engineer: Combines customer, process, and technologies to deliver valuable products and services to his company continuously.

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