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Are you Looking for the Best Institute for CCNA Training Course in Ghaziabad? DUCAT offers CCNA training classes with live project by expert trainer in Ghaziabad. Our CCNA training program is specially designed for Under-Graduates (UG), Graduates, working professional and also for Freelancers. We provide end to end learning on CCNA Domain with deeper dives for creating a winning career for every profile.

Do you have any plans to enrol yourself at the CCNA course in Ghaziabad? DUCAT is a renowned organization for pursuing CCNA training in Ghaziabad with well-organised training classes with live projects training under the supervision of experts. Our program is designed for undergraduates, graduates, freelancers, and working professionals. We provide proper learning on CCNA with deeper field knowledge.

DUCAT is one of the leading organisations for CCNA training institute in Ghaziabad which offers top class study to the students and every year thousands of students become part of the renowned organisation. We give a proper understanding of theoretical and practical fields and teach the students to build resumes. We give proper internships to our students and have placement cells to help the students in getting the job at top MNCs companies with the highest salary package.

What Is CCNA?

CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) is a certification course which is offered by Cisco which helps in improving the skills in the IT industry. It is for professionals who come from a networking background. It is the program that helps in validating the knowledge on fundamental networking concepts in IT positions. The artificial intelligence course comprises of many topics which have been discussed below:

  • Network Fundamental
  • Security Fundamental
  • Network Access
  • Programmability
  • IP Connectivity
  • Automation
  • IP Services

History Of CCNA

Ccna certification course was invented in 1998 by CISCO and it was originally certified by Cisco Certified Engineering and known to be the first IT certification. The main motive to start the certification course is to target networkers and specialise in the networking field. It has benefited individuals to gain the right qualification in networking. It is launched for technical career and certification.

Why Choose CCNA Training In Ghaziabad?

Cisco Certified Network Associate enhances the learning curve most effectively. It is beneficial for the organisation and employees to develop the best skill. It gives a good impact on a career and helps in growth. After CCNA training in Ghaziabad helps the company to grow the business and it increases the value of the employer. It updates the skills of the students and provides advancement in the career of networking professionals. CCNA course in Ghaziabad helps the candidate in associate level and professional benefits. It is an opportunity for the developer to brush up on their skills and achieve a better position and bigger salary package with additional perks.

Benefits Of CCNA Training

CCNA Training in Ghaziabad is a globally recognised certification course and respected by most companies. Even companies give preference to the students who have qualified for the CCNA certification course and every year thousands of students appear for the exam and qualify. It enhances career growth with many other benefits which have been discussed below:

  • Amplify the knowledge of networking
  • Better job aspects
  • Quick career advancement
  • Higher pay scale
  • Globally recognised
  • Eligibility for higher certification program

CCNA certification in career advancement builds the career so nowadays many students are opting CCNA training institute in Delhi which provides proper guidance with best learning. It has a very attractive board layout and aspirants seek into the course. The CCNA training in Ghaziabad is productively utilised with networking modules. It helps to learn the constantly changing technology and software upgrades. It gains the ability to configure and troubleshoot networking problems.

Career Growth In CCNA Course

The CCNA course in Ghaziabad brings hope to your career and you get superior pay in a networking job. It increases the respect among the other staff members. Even after completing CCNA training in Ghaziabad, you can move forward for the expert level certification in the networking field. It gives more knowledge and enables us to take care of more issues in the networking area. The Cisco certification is a very essential part for the employers for various organisations to get the best job. It is a top-notch certification that has a touch process and capability to deal with all the problems. It helps to increase the IT field and grab the best opportunity.

What do Other Courses offer In CCNA?

CCNA offers other courses which give specialisation in the particular field and students can choose the CCNA course in Ghaziabad according to their preference in the specialised field. The CCNA courses have been discussed below:

ASA Firewall

ASA Firewall consists of various components like firewall, antivirus, instruction prevention, and virtual private network. It helps in providing a defence of proactive threats and stops the attack before it spreads through the network. It is an adaptive security appliance which is widely deployed and used by leading enterprises and service providers.

CCNA Security

It is a core security technology, installation, troubleshooting, and monitoring the network devices and maintain the integrity and confidence of the available data and devices and compete with other technology.

Check Point Firewall

It is a basic understanding of fundamental concepts of courses through vendor-specific training which develop skills required for configuring Check Point firewalls. It includes firewall features like VPN, mobile device connectivity and others. It is commonly used to create backups before conducting updates.

Palo Alto

It provides next-generation firewall knowledge and you need to secure your network and safely enable application. It allows the user to inspect and protect traffic at high rates, The course features lectures and proper hands-on labs, while installing, configuring, managing and troubleshooting cybersecurity attacks.

DUCAT India is one of the eminent CCNA institutes in Ghaziabad which develops the IT career to the next level. It upgrades your skills and builds up a sound philosophy of better understanding with major ideas of networking. We give powerful training where they train to live with classroom knowledge. We offer all the important content related to the topic in inappropriate manner, assessments, usage of the latest and evaluate the students according to their performance and help them in finding a best suitable job.

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