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Are you looking to enrol on an Android development course? If yes then you are looking for the finest institute which offers the finest quality education to the student. Ducat is an institute that provides android developer certification courses which are credible all over the world. It is the institute that has well-expertised faculty which give proper guidance in the field. It offers a course for working professionals, undergraduates, graduates, and freelancers. It offers end to end learning on android development which offers the winning career option to the students.

What Is Android?

Android is an open-source platform that is Linux based software which was established in 2007 and established by Android Inc. but later it was bought by Google. It is popularly known as a mobile operating application and spread on various platforms such as tablets, television, mobiles and others. It is a rich application platform where they allow the user to build an innovative platform through various apps and many other devices. It is an object-oriented platform that has a compilation of virtual machines. Android is a platform that uses Java language which is easy to read and write the language and give a better experience to the users.

Android is the technology that has brought a drastic change in society and gives the best experience to the users. It is an operating system that has been used in touch screen gadgets. It is one of the demanded technologies where various students opt to learn the android course and build a successful career in this field. It is one of the most used technologies as it is used in various mobile phones and it is one of the most used gadgets so it is high in demand.

Why Android Training Is Needed?

Android is an open-source platform where they have adaptability measures that execute with various innovations. It is an application advancement feature that has motivation in accounting ability and operating software. It is one of the fastest developing platforms which works brilliantly with Java. It has various features such as video processing, investigation, control structures, finance, and others. It is the technology that has been used by millions of engineers and researchers who have big business optimization which utilizes the Android platform.

Features Of Android

Multi-Language: Android is a platform that easily supports multiple languages and has better preferences according to different options. It is a platform that has multiple language options where users can choose according to their preference.

Multi-Tasking: It has multiple tasking options where they have proper memory handling options and has allocation on various fields. It is a platform that works on various tasks at the same time. It easily runs different programs at the same time.

Screen Capture: Android is a platform that has a feature where they can easily capture the screenshot by pressing the power and home screen button at the same time. It is the feature that is only available on the Android platform.

Web Browser: It is an open-source web browser as Android is an open-source platform that supports various engines such as HTML and CSS. It is open-source software for web browsing.

Advantages Of Learning Android

Learning android app development course beginners is the advantage for the student which has a successful career to the student. Here are some advantages which have been discussed below:

Open Source Platform: It is multiple platforms that are open-source where they have proper use of libraries. It is free extended software that is necessary for apps and easily runs on the platform. Ir is a platform that has a proper device and it is an open p[latform which has been used by various users.

Multi-Carrier Support: It is a platform that has a multi-carrier support option and it has been used by numerous telecom companies such as BSNL, Idea, Vodafone, Airtel, and others. It has proper multiple support which has been used by various android users.

Multiple Platform Support: Android has multiple platform support where they have been powered by Android OS. It has been installed on different platforms such as phones and tablets. While it has been supported in other fields like Windows, Linux, and macOS.

Open Distribution Model: It has an open distribution model where they have no restrictions on the android app and it can be easily distributed on the various apps through different channels.

Zero Development Cost: It is a tool that has low cost and it does not charge any for the installation. It is a tool that has a mobile android market that has developed on various platforms to work.

What Are The Career Option After Android

Learning android app development courses offer a better future perspective where students get best job opportunities with the finest career option for the students. Where many IT professionals have best skilled jobs due to Android and they get a better knowledge of the field and with the best job opportunity. In this sector, you can easily get a job in a well-established company with high salary packages. It offers various job options such as software engineer, android application developer, windows mobile app developer, and many others. It offers high salary packages for freshers and experienced people at the opportunity to work at top MNCs companies. It gives boom in the career and vast community support.

Why Choose DUCAT For Android Training?

Ducat is one of the most favoured choices for the student where they offer the best android course under the industry experts. Here are some points why to get android development certification from Ducat has been discussed below:

  • It offers regular and weekend classes for the students.
  • It has industry experienced trainers with a year of experience.
  • Live project session for the students.
  • We offer proper job assistance to the students.
  • Students get a proper internship from the institute for better practical knowledge.
  • They have easy access to the labs.
  • 24*7 availability of faculty.
  • Students get the experience of live projects.
  • Students can easily retake the classes without any charges.
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