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MERN stack is the name given to a set of JavaScript based technologies which are used in developing web based applications. A stack is the bundle of technologies used to create a web application. Any web application will be made using multiple types of technologies (frameworks, libraries, databases etc). It is the acronym name given to the set of technologies including Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS. Among these technologies Mongo DB is a database system, Node JS is a back-end runtime environment and Express JS is a back-end web framework and React is a front-end framework. We provide the Best MernTraining in Noida which offers training with 100 % job assistance. We will go through short description of technologies which are used in Mern:

MangoDB Training in Noida 

MangoDB is a NoSQL non-relational document-oriented database. MongoDB is schema-less, Data is stored in flexible documents with a JSON based query language. It was initially developed by Mongo DB itself and was published under a combination of the GNU Affero General Public License and the Apache License. MangoDB Training is known for being flexible and very easy to scale.


Express is also called as Express.js or Express JS, is a web application framework for Node.js. It was released as free and open-source software under the MIT License. It was specifically designed for building web applications and APIs. It is also called the standard server framework for Node.js. Express.js Training in Noida is actually known for its fast speed and small structure, with many features available as plugins.


React is also known as React.js or React JS. It is a library of JavaScript for building user interfaces. It has been maintaining by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React.js Training Course can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile based applications. Complex applications usually require the use of additional libraries for state management, routing, and interaction with an API.


Node.js is also known as Node JS. It is an open-source and cross-platform JavaScript run-time environment. It was initially built for Chrome (Google browser), and later open-sourced in 2008 by Google. It was built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine. Node.js Training is designed to build scalable network applications and is able to execute JavaScript code outside of a browser.

Ducat India provide a powerful training course that can be used directly where training is required, e.g., in the classroom, at the plant, in the office. Best MERN Traininig in Ducat Noida. offers all the important content in the appropriate manner, comprehensive assessments, and the latest tools to evaluate student performance. With seamless integration into Mind-Sight, the Ducat Courses provide a multitude of ways to fulfill MERN Training needs.

ES 5

  • About JS
  • Grammars and types
  • Control flow and error handling
  • Loops
  • Function
  • Objects
  • Arrays
  • Promises

ES 6

  • Let and const
  • Template literals
  • Arrow Function
  • Default parameter
  • Async Await

React Concept

  • Hello World
  • Introducing JSX
  • Rendering Elements
  • Components and Props
  • State and Lifecycle
  • Handling Events
  • Conditional Rendering
  • Lists and Keys
  • Forms
  • Lifting State Up
  • Composition vs Inheritance
  • Thinking In React

Advance React

  • Accessibility
  • Code-Splitting
  • Context
  • Error Boundaries
  • Forwarding Refs
  • Fragments
  • Higher-Order Components
  • Integrating with Other Libraries
  • JSX In Depth
  • Optimizing Performance
  • Portals
  • React Without ES6
  • React Without JSX
  • Reconciliation
  • Refs and the DOM
  • Render Props
  • Static Type Checking
  • Strict Mode
  • Typechecking With PropTypes
  • Uncontrolled Components
  • Web Components


  • Getting started with node.js
  • Nam
  • Modules
  • Async Programming
  • Callback
  • Events streams


  • MVC Pattern
  • Introduction
  • Routing
  • HTTP Interaction
  • Handling Form
  • Handling query parameters
  • Cookies and sessions
  • User Auth
  • Error handling
  • Creating and consuming restful services
  • Using templates

Mongo DB

  • Understanding NoSQL MongoDb
  • Finding Documents
  • Crud
  • Indexing
  • Data modeling
  • Aggregation
  • Implementing mongoose
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