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Ducat the IT Training School Is known for its excellent Graphic Designing Pro course in Delhi. Here, you will get training from industry experts and professional trainers with more than 10 years of experience in real-world projects. Our Graphic Designing Pro training course is specially designed for learners of any educational background, undergraduates, freshers, freelancers, and any professionals can enrol in this course to upgrade their career in any domain of graphic designing.

Have you ever thought about animated ads on television, movie theatre, mobile phones, internet animated videos, publications, Video games, books, comics etc. when you think about Graphic Designing Pro Course?

The phrase "Graphic designing pro" refers to someone who designs a wide range of things, including picture books, illustrations, visiting cards, software interfaces, product brands, wedding cards, webpage layouts, symbols, invitation cards, mobile applications, and more.

Overview of the Course

The Blended Model of the excellent Graphic Designing Pro course at Ducat in Delhi covers both the fundamental and more advanced aspects of graphic design.

By taking this course, students may have the best chance ever to launch a successful career. At Ducat, you will receive the best training from professional industry trainers on a range of graphic design subjects, such as drawing and manipulating shapes, using colour modes in Corel Draw, using the Golden Ratio, and more. You will also receive training on additional graphic design applications including Corel Draw and Advanced Adobe InDesign CC. If you're interested in securing a lucrative future in the graphic designing industry, enrol right now in the Graphic Designing Pro course at Ducat in Delhi.

Key Highlights

  • Trainer-led live sessions
  • Real-world Projects and Assignments
  • Flexible timings of sessions
  • Full Job assistance
  • Industry-based certification

Skills you will learn

  • Colour modes, Drawing, Editing
  • Adobe InDesign CC – Advanced Training
  • Corel Draw
  • Photoshop

Graphic designing pro- What does it mean?

Only listing the design illustrations is not enough to become a master in graphic designing. To better understand this creative industry, let's understand the "graphic designing pro" definition. It is a domain in which experts create creative visual content to convey ideas professionally.

With the help of images and typography Graphic Designers fulfil the demands of users by utilising visual hierarchy and page layout methods to improve the user experience efficiently. Graphic designers mainly focus on various tools and techniques for showing various elements in interactive design for a better user experience. You can learn this by enrolling in a graphic designing pro certification course in Delhi.

Scope after completing the Graphic designing pro course in Delhi

Graphic designing is a field that is mostly liked by creative people who like art, technology, and the art of communication. Designers frequently get the chance to work on a variety of innovative and fascinating real-world projects because numerous organisations need graphic designing for their businesses. You can improve your skills through graphic designing training in Delhi from Ducat Institute, even if you already work in the field.

The average salary is 3 Lakh for a graphic designer in India and the highest is up to 6.5 lakhs as per the statistics.


Anybody can learn this Graphic designing pro course to secure a successful career however only basic computer operating skills are necessary to enrol in this course.

Why join the Graphic Designing Pro Course in Delhi offered by DUCAT?

  • Our top-notch Graphic Designing Pro course in Delhi is created following the demands of the modern IT sector.
  • One of the top graphic designing training institutes in Delhi, Ducat, has a course curriculum that places a strong emphasis on practical application through real-world projects.
  • After the course is finished, our Institute offers participants comprehensive job help.
  • Ducat provides the best corporate training for the Graphic Designing Pro course in Delhi assisting students in learning practical skills for the working world as soon as they enter the classroom.
  • One of the best-integrated infrastructures was specially designed and constructed at Ducat Institute in Delhi, which contains labs and classrooms that are completely furnished with projectors and wifi access.
  • Our in-person training sessions are based on actual market projects, and our instructors are qualified professionals.


  1. Is it difficult to understand the Graphic Designing Pro course?

The course in graphic designing is among the simplest. Students in the tenth grade should have no trouble with it. At Ducat, you'll learn how to create and draw pictures following the most recent trends in graphic designing.

You may learn how to create animated characters, banners, posters, and mobile applications, along with your projects and the toolbox, these are taught. Because it's so straightforward, you could draw a superhero or Spider-Man in a matter of weeks.

2. Can a person become a graphic designer even if they aren't artists?

Yes, you can still be a great designer even if you don't have any drawing abilities. You just need a creative mentality to become a successful graphic designer. At Ducat, we believe that everyone is creative; it only depends on how you are taught the required skills.

To help each applicant, to develop their creative skills and to become matter experts, we at Ducat make every effort to focus on them.

3. Is this graphic design pro training in demand?

Yes, there is a big demand right now for the graphic designing pro course. You can find career opportunities with web design companies, graphic design companies, news channels, print publications, media post-production houses, animation studios, mobile application development companies, and many other businesses as a result of the increasing global popularity of digital media.

4. How long is the graphic design professional course?

You will learn every area of graphic design over the six months of this professional programme in Delhi.

5. Can I enrol in this Graphic Design Pro course's offline classes?

Yes, you can receive training sessions from both offline and online training modes at the Ducat Institute.

6. Will I get access to Ducat’s wifi during the whole course?

Yes, we give students access to Ducat's wifi so they can use the internet freely while they're learning.

7. What if I failed to attend any of the training sessions?

Ducat also offers recorded sessions, so you may catch up on missed classes or speak and coordinate with the instructors for the same.

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