DUCAT is a training institute which is most suitable for imparting technical training. People intending to have technical training must go to this institute to have the training. RHCVA is a certification program for virtualization administrators. The training is performance based. Virtualization that is taught provides greater IT efficiency and reduces the cost by running various systems with a single server. The training that is imparted is on the different aspects of RHCVA. Students learn how to install the process and to run it efficiently. The guidance of the experienced trainers helps them to understand the features of RHCVA in such depths that the trainees become well conversant with them all. The training is imparted by faculty members that are the best. They themselves are experts in the field. They impart all their expertise to their trainees. The dummy scenarios are made so real that the trainees get a firsthand experience of what actually needs to be done as a virtual administrator. The training imparted makes the trainees get good jobs in reputed companies.

Basic Linux Concept

  • Introduction of Linux
  • Basic command of Linux
  • Installation of Linux
  • Manage the file System
  • Partition Creation & Mount the file system
  • LVM Partition & Mount LVM
  • Snapshot of LVM

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • Virtualization
  • Native / Para / x86 hardware assisted Virtualization
  • Xen vs KVM
  • KVM & KSM
  • KVM Device Model
  • VirtIO
  • Virt-Manager

Advance RHEL Virtualization

  • Managing virtual machines with RHN
  • virt-install
  • Defining VMs with libvirt
  • Starting VMs at boot
  • iSCSI
  • Configuring iSCSI targets
  • Configuring iSCSI initiators
    • Shared storage and iSCSI considerations

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization

  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization
  • RHEV for Servers
  • RHEV Manager
  • RHEV Manager: Requirements
  • Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization Hypervisor
  • Central Storage Repository
  • VDSM
  • Configuring Active Directory

RHEV Manager

  • Installing RHEV Manager
  • vInstalling RHEV-M components
  • RHEV-M Database
  • Accessing RHEV-M Admin Portal

RHEV Hypervisor 2.2

  • Introduction to RHEV-H
  • Architecture Overview
  • Installing RHEV-H
  • RHEV-H Boot Menu
  • RHEV-H Firstboot Menu
  • Filesystems
  • Reconfiguration
  • Upgrading RHEV-H
  • Troubleshooting RHEV-H
  • Important Log Files

RHEV Data Center

  • Storage Domains
  • Storage Pool Manager
  • System Schedulere
  • Logical Networks
  • Creating Data Center
  • Creating Cluster
  • Preparing NFS Storage
  • Preparing ISCSI Storage
  • ISO Uploader

RHEV for Servers

  • Creating New Virtual Server
  • Installing a Virtual Server
  • PXE installation
  • Starting and Stopping Guests
  • Virtual Server Console
  • Editing VM Configuration
  • Migrating VM
  • Moving VM images
  • Removing Guests

RHEV for Desktops

  • RHEV for Desktops Architecture
  • RHEV for Desktops Main Features
  • SPICE Drivers
  • Creating a New Virtual Desktop
  • Installing Windows Network virtIO Drivers
  • Configuring SPICE for RHEL Guests

Snapshots and Templatesl

  • Data Domain Image Formats
  • Image Management: Snapshots
  • Creating VM Snapshots
  • Restoring VM Snapshots
  • Deleting VM Snapshots
  • Templates
  • Creating Templates
  • Windows Template: Sysprep
  • RHEV and Sysprep
  • RHEV configuration tools and sysprep

Desktop Pools, Users & Portal

  • Desktop Pools
  • Creating Desktop Pools
  • Managing Desktop Pools
  • Managing

Advanced RHEV Users

  • User Portal
  • Accessing the Portal
  • Accessing Virtual Desktops

Advanced RHEV

  • Exporting and Importing Virtual Resources
  • virt-v2v
  • Using Search Bar
  • Using Tags
  • Using Monitoring Tools
  • Using Log Collector

RHEV Managed RHEL Hosts

  • RHEV Software for RHEL hosts
  • Installing RHEL
  • Installing Prerequisite software
  • RHEL Node Registration with RHEV
  • Troubleshooting Registration
  • Performance Tuning
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