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6 Weeks course on CLOUD COMPUTING from DUCAT help students to explore best market standard trends of CLOUD COMPUTING. Training will make students learn how to abstract useful information extracted in cloud structure and how CLOUD COMPUTING helps people all around world to access data without installation and download. Project implementation and enhanced theory of these concepts will help students understand all these aspects of CLOUD COMPUTING. CLOUD COMPUTING is a revolutionary technology which has made a strong impact in past few decades in IT sectors. It has paved a new way to increase the capability of your network without creating a new infrastructure. This can be done by its pay per use service. Bigger brands of IT like AMAZON, SUN and IBM are using CLOUD COMPUTING technology offering storage and virtual storage on demand. Some service providers also use it in the form of virtual datacenters and elastic servers on demand.Memory, I/O, storage and computational capacity work together with the help of LIQUID Q'S virtual resource pool available over network. Managed service Providers provide managed services through CLOUD COMPUTING. This includes virus scanning or application monitoring .Desktop management service and cloud based anti spam service is also a part of these services. Training Module Details Overview of Cloud

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Advantages of Cloud Computing
  • Characteristics and Service Models (SAAS,PAAS,IAAS)
  • Deployment Models
  • Datatype
  • Architecture

Introduction to CRM and Platform

  • Essentials of CRM and Platforms
  • CRM Navigation & Functionality
  • Data Models
  • Architecture of CRM

Developing Own Application

  • Creating a New App
  • Creating Fields
  • Managing Record

Create Custom Object and Relationships

  • Create custom objects
  • Relate the Objects
  • Create Tabs.
  • Assign tabs with objects
  • Create a relation Record

Using Formulas and Validation Rules

  • Create a formula
  • Calculating line item
  • Play with a Roll-Up Summary Field
  • Play with Validation Rule
  • Test the Validation Rule
  • Improve the Validation Rule

Automating Processes Using Workflow

  • Create | Workflow
  • Manage Approvals
  • Define Workflow Rules
  • Test the Workflow Rules

Creating an Approval Process

  • Email Template
  • Create New Approval Process
  • Create a Custom Profile
  • Create or manage a User
  • Test the Approval Process

Creating Reports and Dashboards

  • Create a Tabular Report
  • Create a Matrix Report
  • Create a Dashboard
  • Email Template
  • Create a Summary Report

Adding Programmatic Logic with Apex

  • Create an Apex Trigger Definition
  • Define a List Variable
  • Iterate Through the List and fields
  • Test the Trigger

Adding Tests to Your App

  • Create Apex Test Classes
  • Test Methods to the Class
  • Write Code to Execute the Trigger
  • Execute the Test

Building Custom User Interface Using Visualforce

  • Create a Visualforce Page
  • Add a Stylesheet Static Resource
  • Add a Controller to the Page
  • Display the information on Visualforce Page
  • Add Inline Editing Support
  • Deployment Model
  • Introduction to Lightning
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