All latest gadgets like smart phones, GPS devices, televisions, car, bikes, DVD, digital cameras, video games, microwave oven, fax machines etc. work on embedded technology. The use of this technology is becoming more and more pervasive, touching almost every aspect of our life. The increased application number for embedded has created great demand of engineers having extensive knowledge and experience in designing and implementing embedded systems. Thus, professionals looking to get enroll in this training program can join Ducat India.

An Introduction to Device Drivers

  • The Role of the Device Driver
  • Splitting the Kernel
  • Classes of Devices and Modules
  • Version Numbering
  • License Terms
  • Joining the Kernel Development Community

Building and Running Modules

  • Setting Up Your Test System
  • The Hello World Module
  • Kernel Modules Versus Applications
  • Compiling and Loading
  • The Kernel Symbol Table
  • Module Parameters

Char Drivers

  • The Design of scull
  • Major and Minor Numbers
  • Some Important Data Structures
  • Char Device Registration
  • open and release
  • scull's Memory Usage
  • read and write
  • Playing with the New Devices

Concurrency and Race Conditions

  • Pitfalls in scull
  • Concurrency and Its Management
  • Semaphores and Mutexes
  • Completions
  • Spinlocks

Advanced Char Driver Operations

  • ioctl
  • Blocking I/O
  • poll and select
  • Asynchronous Notification
  • Seeking a Device
  • Access Control on a Device File

Time, Delays, and Deferred Work

  • Measuring Time Lapses
  • Knowing the Current Time
  • Delaying Execution
  • Kernel Timers
  • Tasklets
  • Work queues

Communicating with Hardware

  • I/O Ports and I/O Memory
  • Using I/O Ports
  • An I/O Port Example
  • Using I/O Memory

Interrupt Handling

  • Installing an Interrupt Handler
  • Implementing a Handler
  • Top and Bottom Halves
  • Interrupt Sharing
  • Interrupt-Driven I/O

A parallel port driver

  • Preparing your System
  • Setting up Parallel I/O in your module
  • Interrupt Handler


  • Project 1: Led Blinking using PC parallel port interface
  • Project 2: 16*2 alphanumerical LCD display system using PC parallel port interface
  • Project 3: 14 segment display using PC parallel port interface
  • Project 4: Stepper Motor control using PC parallel port interface
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