Django is an extremely widely used framework, and because it’s open source.Django is a web framework which written in python & follows the MVC architectural pattern. It is maintained by the django software foundation, an independent organization. There are many other framework like Pyramid,web2py,Flask etc. which support developers in the design & maintenance of complex applications. Pyjamas & IronPython can be used to develop the client-side of ajax-based applications.Django officially supports four database backends: PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and Oracle.More interestingly, django includes a layer between the developer and the database called an ORM (Object Relational Mapper).Django provides well-organized documentation and example code tagged for every specific release.


  • What is Django..?
  • Installing Django
  • MVC


  • Your First View
  • Mapping urls to Views
  • How django process a request..?
  • Urlpatterns
  • Regular expressions
  • 404 Errors


  • Template Basic
  • Dictionaries and Contexts
  • Built-in Tags & filters
  • Custom Tags & filters
  • Using Templates in Views


  • Define models
  • Setting up database access
  • Creating django apps
  • Defining model fields
  • Creating a model
  • How to create tables for models in Database
  • Adding Model String Representations
  • Inserting & updating Data
  • Filtering Data
  • Ordering Data
  • Slicing Data
  • Deleting Objects

Django Admin Interface

  • Enabling admin interface
  • Creating admin user

Django Forms

  • Forms in Django
  • Searching Query
  • GET & POST methods
  • Form fields in django
  • Simple validation
  • Custom Validation
  • Building a form in Django
  • Placing form instance into the templates context

User Authentication

  • User objects
  • Using the Django authentication system
  • Authentication Views
  • Extending the existing User model
  • Build a login-logout application

Class-Based Views

  • View()
  • TemplateView()
  • CreateView()
  • ListView()
  • DetailView()
  • FormView()
  • UpdateView()
  • DeleteView()


  • Function based pagination
  • class based pagination

Sending mail

Generating output in other format

Django Session Framework

Django Middleware

  • Configure email setting
  • Send_mail funtion
    • Introduction about Sessions & cookies
    • How to use sessions..?
    • Using sessions in views
    • Authentication in web requests
    • Login & Logout with session
    • Activating middleware
    • Write your own middleware
    • Expire session due to inactivity
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